My resident astrologer this morning by Lord’s Grace Gates wearing a posh titfer on Ladies’ day at the county match

Lou Grace gates


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

9 thoughts on “Gracefully

  1. It’s a shame that Hampshire were so poor.
    On a different subject – and proof that I must be a nerd- I’ve just received the ‘new’ Muddy Waters Blues Band – featuring BB King album :- Live at Ebbets Field, and was amused to see that on the back of the cover and on the cd itself they have turned BB King into a lefti handed guitarist fit him into tha available space !! Is that how Jimi Hendrix started off ? !!
    The album is far from brilliant, but you know how it is when one tries to collect everything that certain artistes produce.

  2. Ps, I’m watching the Who at Glastonbury at the moment, and Roger Daltrey is crap!!! He’s definitely lost his voice- and the plot !!!

    • I too found Roger Daltrey a bit…..not crap but way past his sell by date! Some of these dinosaurs can still cut the mustard (that was a bit hip of me !!) such as the Stones who are the epitomy of advancing years but I’m afraid this age thing is starting to rear it’s ugly head with most of our past heroes.
      I’m still recovering from watching Fleetwood Mac at the Isle of Wight Festival whenever that was, visually so embarrassing I had to crack open another bottle of wine !!

    • Oscar the BBC is not doing the sound justice IMO. The whole sound was much better than that live. The band really did do an outstanding job.

  3. He is not crap! He’s just very very old!! He used to be about 5 years older than me, and I’ll bet he still is, no matter what the press releases claim. My god, he’s doing damned fine for 73 or whatever he is!!!

  4. Can Lou pick up Sky with that contraption on her head?

  5. I used to try to collect every Muddy Waters recording/album then all these ordinary live bootlegs started emerging so I decided just to buy the stuff he was knowingly involved in – ie studio stuff or ‘real’ live albums like the Newport one. It was a bit of a relief and now I’ve got the lot and I’ve stopped!
    I’m not the man to make any judgement about the Who last night – I watched a couple of songs and went to bed. It’s 49 years and 50 weeks since the Who first played in Pompey at the famous Savoy gig. I was 15 and remember being very excited about it, but in the event preferred the Crow (support) – I thought the Who were too noisy (not too loud, noisy) and too angry for me. Always liked their early singles but saw them live a few more times (last at IOW) and also lots of live stuff on TV or films like Woodstock and never did really like them – especially when they started making ‘concept’ albums. Is there such a thing as a good concept album?

  6. Crikey…Good job Tommy’s deaf / dumb and blind I’d say !!!!!!

  7. My God!! People will be saying that Macca is past it next!! OMG they have already haven’t they?!!

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