Sorry Pete


Missed 4 July – but here, just a little bit late is a photo and story from over the water


“Dug in the archives back to 1976 and a show we played in Cocoa, Florida with costumes borrowed from the local theater group. Set list was all British Invasion music from the 60s. Kicked off the show with the sound of a jet landing that scared the audience a little. Great fun but man those outfits were hell to move in. No wonder the British lost.”

(British Invasion music Pete? Not those nasty Beatles surely!)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Sorry Pete

  1. On a different subject, here’s one for the lyric police !! I never thought that I’d hear reference to that old-fashioned food, chitlins, (pig’s intestines) , in a song, but there it is in track 12 of Bill Wyman’s latest solo album. The album is very good-definitely one of my favourite albums of the year so far. Highly recommended, which is more than I can say for chitlins on a regular basis !!!

  2. Well yes Dave, Just a couple of those nasty Beatles songs. But just a good selection of stuff. Funny enough I got an invitation to sit in with a local band last year who were doing a 60s night at an old folks home. I declined. All those old people with gray hair,Yikes!!!.
    Chitlins ? Nope I draw the line at those but seems like I have had a few helpings of Collard Greens over the years that had some mystery meat mixed in.

  3. Well Pete I did a sing song at an old folks home for two Xmas running when my mother was in there. It was great fun.
    Also as an aside one of my daughters bought me a film DVD called “Whiplash” it’s about an ambitious young jazz drummer and a bully of an instructor. Really worth watching if you haven’t already.

  4. Well Malc, Nothing against old folks …..After all I am one. The main off putting thing to me was the guys wanted to do it cold with no rehearsal at all. Not into that jam type scene.. Have to check out that movie

    • Talk about putting your foot in it Pete, “nothing against old folks”……….not that old chestnut again..ha, ha !!!
      Rehearsals, what are you on about, with all your years of experience you should be able to play in any key (yes, there are other keys outside of E, A, D, G, C ), and any tune at the drop of a hat, where’s your busking skills man ?? Even if you’d hit a few bum notes, do you think the audience will notice, no way ! Do you think they’ll notice the difference between your precious 190….whatever Fender Strat and a Mexican copy ??….methinks not !!
      There, my sermon has ended !

  5. My pal Denis enjoyed “Whiplash” too

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