Across Time & Space


C Mushroom 2015

It’s a rather extraordinary thought that there we all were less than an hour ago watching Coconut Mushroom playing the songs of Love, Jefferson Airplane, Buffalo Springfield, the Byrds, Cream and Bob Dylan – a little matter of 48 years after they first emerged in Pompey. This photograph shows 4/5ths of the original line-up: Graham, Colin, Terry and John – with just Roger back in the USA. The Sons of Man and Nothin’ Yet made up a thoroughly delightful evening – expect more photos tomorrow.

And here’s the first one – from Nigel (cheers)

Coconut Mushroom 72

(Can anyone supply the name of the fine guitarist on the right who stood in for Roger etc?)


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “Across Time & Space

  1. Definitely a special evening and all 3 bands were spot on! Sound got a bit iffy sometimes but that was down to the room and not the musicians….well done chaps !!

  2. Had a fantastic evening really pleased so many people turned up, always nice to see everyone from the good ‘old days” .
    The guitarist who played with us is Luke Anthony who is in my present band in Surrey ‘The Front Covers” he did a great job considering he wasn’t even born when we were playing those songs!
    Thanks to everyone who made the effort to come the gig.

  3. Cheers Terry – and well played!

  4. Sorry I couldn’t make it last night as we had a gig – which is a shame as our drummer Keith Durant (ex Coconut Mushroom & Inspiration) and I both wanted to be there for the re-union. Maybe next time, eh!!

  5. bit of a bugger for me really…..flashing the odd light or so for Blue / Lulu….and then there was Sir Tom…..isn’t it….greatness indeed
    Fratellis were pretty damn good ,no comment about Razorlight. And well Billy Ocean singing Love Train had most of the audience doing a conga line round the field……………………..
    Rochester music festival next week…..oh no Blue and peter Andre on Thursday !!!!!help me someone

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