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Sons of man (Mick)

Sons of Man: Rod Taylor & Alan Christmas – perhaps singing one of those delightful Lovin’ Spoonful tracks?

Nothin Yet

Nothin Yet – Mick McGuigan who played bass in later incarnations of Mushroom was on duty last night with the first two bands.

B Grice

One of the great pleasures of last night was meeting up with lots of old pals – the Mushroom and Sons of Man of course and my ‘history’ buddies Nigel & Audrie and Heavenly Mick. Rod Watts has added a comment and was there to enjoy fellow Academician Graham’s bass playing, Paul from Egypt/Virgin Circle was around, as was ian Steadman Brown (Tangerine Slyde). In the shot above, Mick Dillon manager and agent is taking the photos and his opposite number Alan Roblin was in the house. In 1970/71 Mick looked after Gilbey Twiss when I was joined briefly on vocals by Sue H who was there last night, but a special thing for me was a bunch of pals from my all-time favourite band Rosemary. Lenny was in attendance of course, while above left is keyboard man Brian Grice – hidden behind him is Marilyn Farrow whose much-missed ‘hubby’ Steve was our lead guitarist and also around was one of our ‘roadies’ Davey Jones – a man whose record collection was a particular inspiration. I wonder how many Pompey people could play you Sea Train or Mad River back then, let alone all the familiar stuff?

If I’ve forgotten anyone, apologies – add your name here!

Sod’s Law but of course I did – anyway I spotted the error so here he is AW, ex St Louis Checks, Speakeasy, England etc

Mushroom AW


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