Saturday night at the Blue Lagoon and Paul, who played with Don in the Boyfriends back in the 1960s, sitting in with the Renegades. Boy those guitar players pay attention!


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

16 thoughts on “Concentration

  1. Paul played very nicely indeed but was lucky to be allowed on stage while breaking the dress code! No technicolour in 1959!!

  2. Lovely details for those gear heads amongst us like me. Looked like a nice little H H amp behind Don. Don’t see many of those around and have never seen one over here. That looks like an American Standard Strat Don is playing. Colin looks to be using a Gibson EBO altho can’t see the headstock to be sure. And Marc appears to be playing a Squier JV Strat (Need more pics Dave). The JV series Squiers beat the USA Vintage reissues hands down IMHO. Not a drummer so can comment of that.

    • I owned two JV Squier Strats at different times and they were fine in every respect bar the pick ups. The JV Teles never did have USA pick ups and though the strats did-i ended up putting on Seymour Duncans as i felt they didn’t quite hack it. There was an awful lot of butchery that went on with these guitars – certainly two music shops in the local area (neither now in business) would routinely rip out the pick ups and all sorts of ‘replacements’ from the sublime to the downright bloody awful were put on. I always remember that I’ve noticed too that the vintage price of JV’s has slipped a little of late as well, so whilst i agree they were good guitars- i wouldn’t have bought two if they weren’t , i always think they should have stickers on saying buyer beware, not pick ups made in the USA!

      • Yup have to agree that the pups were pretty weak although the ones with the red bottom bobbins were apparently the same as used in the early USA VRI’s I can’t recall if the squires used the USA Red PUP or the other way round. Just perfect necks on them I always thought. I have just stuck USA VRI pups in them and/or used the Deaf Eddie tone circuits with pull pots. I have a maple neck Hardtail one that is a really good playing instrument. I did pick up a mint sunburst JV on a vacation trip in 97 from a music store at the top end of Ryde High street, took it apart and brought it over here.Like a fool I sold it. It had the red bottom pups as well. I will shoot Dr.Dave some pics and maybe he will post them.

  3. Well spotted pete. It’san epiphone copy of the 60s gibson. My big amp blew a speaker during practice (happened all the time in the old days) had to drag out the old h and h bass baby.

  4. Dress code? No-one mentioned a dress code.

  5. Marc here. The guitar I’m playing is an Encore, made either in Korea or….India!!. It’s an early one, which I picked up cheap (of course). Nicely built but a good couple pounds heavier than a genuine Strat. I used it so that I wouldn’t break the B&W dress code! There’s dedication for you. Very bright sounding pups – nice, but different to a Fender

    I’ve got a couple of Jap Strats – one is a JV Squier sunburst that used to belong to Colin Quaintance. It has USA pups (written on a sticker on the scratchplate) and sounds great, but maybe not exactly like the old 60s strats. It’s built around 1982, so the pups are probably what was used on USA Fender strats at the time?? The amp is a Fender Blues Deluxe reissue and I was using Boss delay and chorus pedals.

    I did use another guitar in the first set (black, again so as not to break the dress code!) This was a 1961 Duane Eddy Guild which I bought for 60 quid in 1971. It’s a bit the worse for wear, but has 1955 designed DeArmond pups which really do have a vintage vibe to them.

    • Always liked Guilds, though i’ve got a fair number of guitars, the usual Fenders, Gibson, etc ,but my go to guitars is a ’77 Guild S60 D , got that for a knock down price from a pawn shop in Florida , not as cheap as your Duane Eddy though! I had a Rickenbacker 1997 which i bought for £79 in 1975 there worth over 4 grand now unfortunately i sold that to Jon Honiset who ran Strings in Albert Road in 1981 !!, could be in the Pompey area still, serial no DA 72 if anyone owns it .

  6. Bloody hell, and to think I used to make a living selling guitars….you lot sound like a load of antique dealers ie ah ha, I love the retro lines on the clock face, methinks of French origin, possibly Marcel Letosser who was big in the 18th century. The movement in very much in the Exlax vein and the dentilled mantle ?…I just lurv it sweety !!
    I suppose I’m just as bad when I talk to fellow keyboardists, it’s all part of the biz….

  7. Hard to explain to an ivory tickler. Guitars are alive! – they feel nice, behave differently according to the way you treat them – have their own smell – you can wear them – they do vibrato – they do harmonics/pinched harmonics – they age well – they go out of tune (….don’t we all!) ‘Nuff said…..

    • I remember my dear old late mum coming into my downstairs bedroom in Wadham road early one morning saying to me. Instead of cuddling that bloody guitar all night why don’t you get yourself a girl friend! Little did she know that there was a young lady hiding in the wardrobe. Great days!

    • Woz that guitars or the Groupies you were describing?

    • I know exactly what you mean, and luckily us “ivoryticklers” don’t have a tuning problem, it’s always in tune ! Vibrato, pinched harmonics, it’s all there at the flick of a switch. I almost forgot, they feel good under the fingers, most of ’em do these days, it’s all part of the experience.
      I have to own up to the time I purchased my first Fender Strat in Salmon Pink, it had the worst action, the thickest neck but it looked…..sensational ! I remember Jeff Walker delivering 3 sets of real Fender strings to me with a wound G. They were in fairly short supply at the time but promised he would get them to me when a new batch came in. In my ignorance, I knew very little about actions, substituting a wound G for a plain B, all I knew was I had the real deal and nothing could change that until……. I saw Johnny Kidd and the Pirates, and Mick Green was using a Tele and bending notes like they were rubber bands ! Depression and frustration started to creep in, how can I bend that wound G like Mick Green ??? Perhaps a Tele should be my next purchase, could that be the answer ? I wouldn’t be able to do my Shadows licks on it and was I prepared to put up with that ? After various purchases over the years (Gibson SG1, Burns semi acoustic that weighed a ton), and the answer to all my problems came into the charts in the form of The Animals and what was that wonderful sound in the background, a Vox Continental organ played by Alan Price. I was hooked, goodbye geetars and hello Vox Continental ! The rest, as they say, is history…..
      By the way, I was a crap geetarist….who said he hasn’t changed much on the keyboard has he !!

  8. Now If I could just find a way to capture in a spray bottle that musty moldy sweaty beer and smoke smell you get when you open up a 50 year old guitar case I could make a fortune off of those fellas that buy brand new “Relic” or “Roadworn” guitars that make them look so cool.

  9. I had a lovely Guild Starfire if the 60s. The only guitar I regret parting with. Maybe it’s time to look for another one?

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