Pompey’s ‘First’ Festival?


Who 1

Who 2

Just a couple of faded cuttings from an old scrapbook but a great weekend. Fifty years ago (July 1965) and the first time the Birdcage ran four consecutive days: Thursday – Shevells, Friday – Ronnie Jones, Saturday – Jimmy James & Vagabonds (all at Kimbells) then on Sunday we went off to the Savoy for the Who and the Crow (Chris Ryder & Graham Hunt).

And no, it didn’t rain.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

2 thoughts on “Pompey’s ‘First’ Festival?

  1. 50 years ago. Cor blimey guvner!! I didn’t think I’d live that long !! Brian Mathews played , and talked at length about, Ronnie Jones on Sound of the Sixties (R2) yesterday. The Shevells were one of my favourite groups, mainly because of the fact that ,not only, did they play the Kimbells Birdcage but they supported so many other groups. It’s not easy to get the records they recorded
    It’s so nice to think that I was at all of those ‘gigs’. What wonderful memories !

  2. Ps, that lovely Mr Amazon is sending me the 2015 issue of the Ronnie Jones mid-60s singles. They are solo, with the Nightimers, the Bluejays, and a rare recording with Blues Incorporated.
    On a local note, it’s good to know that the rain doesn’t just disrupt the Pompey America’s Cup, the last stage, Paris, of the Tour de France has been torn apart by the torrential rain. C’est la vie !!

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