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My old drumming mate Alan Williams is on the trail of the Trebletones and in so doing has raised the possibility/probability that the tour below didn’t come to Pompey but went to Southampton

Now my little sister was always the clever one of the family and I’d trust her memory but it did intrigue me that neither Mick nor I had ever found that tour appearing at the Guildhall and I do know that Liz saw the Kinks on another occasion because she and her pal Sandra had their photo in the paper. Anyway here’s Alan’s ‘results’

i’ve been looking around for the above mentioned and, did they play at the Guildhall…seems they didn’t, but they did play at Southampton 1st May 1964 – maybe Elizabeth saw them in Southampton but forgot…? Anyway the pics i’ve enclosed are of the performers on that tour with a pic of the Trebletones to boot..

the other pic is details of the tour, dates venue etc, you need to scroll down to see the relevant details of the Southampton show…hope this helps..
AND just found this hit single from the Trebletones..other than this Butlins disc they recorded for Oriole records,,,


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

8 thoughts on “This has started something

  1. I’m afraid my memory isn’t that trustworthy these days, so I could be wrong. I certainly have no recollection of ever going to Southampton to see that kind of show. I definitely saw the Hollies at Pompey Guildhall at some point, but maybe they came on another occasion. I thought I saw the Dave Clark 5 too, but I wasn’t a huge fan of theirs and it wouldn’t have been a special memory for me. So I may just be causing confusion here.

  2. Well we never mind a bit of that! Geoff Allman (who you will remember) is the only man in Pompey who swears he saw Bo Diddley at the Birdcage (and no we’re not going there again). Everyone else recalls he never showed up! I rather like the idea that there is some truth in these parallel universes.

  3. This has reminded me that I saw Strong Island saying on Facebook recently that they were starting a project centring on people’s memories of Pompey Guildhall shows. I wondered if you were aware of what they were doing, as it seemed to overlap the exhibition that already exists at the Guildhall. They may have some respondents who could comment on the confusion that has arisen here. Parallel universes indeed; fascinating…

  4. I’m wondering why Alan is researching this? were they from Portsmouth? was he related to one? sadly I cannot add anything as the name has not surfaced before in me researching. Good luck Alan!

    • Yes please tell us why
      By the sound of the Butlins disc they’re not very rocknroll unless they were mainly on the tour for backing vocals like say The Vernons Girls?

      • I think the reason is that I was being very tongue in cheek about my sister not remembering what was clearly a pretty minor act – as there was often on every tour. I guess they would have backed Mark Wynter – as with most solo singers.

    • Mick, wonder no more, i wasn’t researching the Trebletones i was trying to find out if Dave Clark played the Guildhall in 1964..so i Googled ‘ concert tours 1964 ‘ and found the page i posted and found they played Southampton but not Portsmouth and it had a pic of the program and underneath a pic of a ticket stub from the Southampton show, also on that page was a link to bio’s of the acts playing, and there was a bit on the Trebletones, so as they’d been mentioned by Dave and Elizabeth i had a look on you tube as they recorded for Oreole records and found the Butlins recording and posted it to show that they existed..they look pretty old to me prob in their 30s ..they’d been together since 60/61 and i’d say they would be playing cabaret clubs, US army bases in Germany and as Dave says would be on tours as a backing band for solo singers like Mark Wynter…. so no family connection or Portsmouth either, i just thought it answered all the questions raised…

  5. Well not sure where they played but the pictures of the program pages shows it to be the same program as I have. Not much point in mailing it over to you for the AAA display then. Unless Elizabeth you would like it for your collection.

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