Up Drayton Way


Shiny Image

The very image of a top soul band

Drayton record sticker

and a store I don’t recall at all


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

7 thoughts on “Up Drayton Way

  1. Frasers used to be my “local record shop” and supplier of electrical components etc. – a great family business. Eventually moved to Elm Grove, Southsea, but sadly no more. I believe a young Dave Zammit worked there in his student days. The album pictured above was Elvis Presley’s “Girls Girls Girls” (not mine, I hasten to add!) – could it belong to Mr Freeman?

  2. Thanks Dave – no I can’t accuse him of that – I didn’t know what it was. The photo clip was sent to Mick and me by someone selling it on Ebay but without the title

  3. Frasiers was a great little shop….i remember them making up a plug board for me, with 5 amp ,13 amp and 15 amp (yes 15 amp) sockets on- this would have been ’67. I don’t really know Dave Zammit but i think he did work there slightly later, however the main guy who worked in there was Kev Cauvin who was the vocalist in KC’S Convention. I knew Kev from primary school, and he was real asset to the place because he would pull in a large customer base from the teens in the area and they would order up and get any record you wanted.

  4. Well ,yes Mr Mussell…………..Girls Girls Girls anytime…..But Mr Presley ,probably not…..The closest I got to himself was lighting a couple of tours for his daughter Lisa Marie……….Like father , like daughter..(even the lip curl)
    And yes Frasiers shop was always a good call in the day for any ‘stuff’ that you needed ……Aladins Cave indeed……
    What a fine collection of young chaps in that pic !!!!!!!!

  5. A fine collection of young chaps indeed, Mr F. Frasers and Barkers always a good source of electrical bits. Dave Z told me he learned his “soldering skills” from Mr Fraser back in the day. I recall buying the Sgt Pepper album (in mono) from Frasers on day of release and being blown away when I first played it – immediately had to play it right through again!

  6. More information (inc Dave Z’s comments) in this previous thread:- https://pompeypop.wordpress.com/2013/01/21/next-2/

  7. I used to work a Saturday job at Frasers when I was at Highbury Tech….small appliances , musical instruments and a fairly decent record section…. Bob Fraser used to let me order the records, so I got to spend my days there listening to things I liked…. And buy them at cost as well!…..He used to live in the flat above with his wife and Daughter and at various times let myself and various other local players rehearse in his front room….amongst them Colin Dowsett and Steve Cray……

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