Let the controversy commence!


Mr Greedy spotted this – also reported in some of our national ‘papers



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

18 thoughts on “Let the controversy commence!

  1. Just to make my position clear ,it was not only Sgt Pepper but as Keith admits Satanic Majesties and a plethora of self indulgent crap that followed , that turned its back on the roots of blues and rock n roll !
    Unfortunately the Beatles with Sgt Pepper were the first to start this fashion for self indulgent hippy shit which led to years of elves fairies and magic castles ,whispering Bob and dirty longhair etc etc

  2. Amen Mr. G. indeed … with the amazing Jefferson Aeroplane and amazing Tamala Motown you have a unique knowledge of music..
    but what is truly amazing is your abject Hypocrisy, which you appear to be blissfully unaware of..

      • nothing personal intended Chris, just an observation, however ian huntley, reggie kray and leapy lee are personal as are the latest of your comments below…

    • I don’t think I’ve ever posted the Amazing Tamla Motown on here,but it is a statement I’d agree with if talking about their output from 1959-1966 ,although at that time the last thing I’d want to see would be a local band doing very bad covers of that amazing music!!

  3. Al what you’ve failed to notice is that the Amen comment came before you were out of bed this morning and before the Prof and Lennys bit of banter ,you muppet!

  4. Just to clarify my “Amen” comment. I was agreeing with Mr.G that the Peppers Album seemed the start of some very strange stuff which I did not understand then and I still don’t understand now. I must confess that I did enjoy most of Pet Sounds but some stuff left me cold. I think that in those days the Beatles could have released a totally blank record and the sheep would have bought it.

  5. Pete, when i looked in on the blog on sunday i saw your post and assumed it was endorsing Mr G…I used your post with a bit of artistic license, same words different sentiment which apparently was lost on Mr G….

  6. On that note I think it’s time to call a truce with the proviso that we agree to differ on the talents or otherwise of The Beatles especially in relation to the Sgt Pepper album and maybe give others the chance to discuss the subject!!

  7. sounds good to me….

  8. Cheers guys – love and peace man

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