And around the same time


as all them ‘Obbits, came this.

Graham Laker sent it in – it was attended by a considerable Pompey contingent and some can even remember it.

Bath Festival

Graham said

“Here’s a pic of a (small) poster on display in Monty’s barber shop (‘Melmont’) in Albert Road – there must be a thing with barbers and festival posters. Also, I note the Grosvenor Casino (formerly the old ‘Kimbells Ballroom’ and first venue of ‘The Cage’) has cashed in its chips for the last time. I just hope it doesn’t become another hideous block of flats or a ‘Tesco’ and we lose all that fabulous 1930’s interior – even a ‘Wetherspoons’ would be preferable.”
He also asked about the Beaulieu festival goers pic of last week. It includes Colin Wood (Renegades, J Crow Combo) but I’m not sure about the others. If he’s looking in, he can tell us.
JR sent a bird’s eye view of the same event
Bath 2

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

8 thoughts on “And around the same time

  1. Talking of remembering it-my main memory of the Bath festival were the disgusting toilets!
    Unlike the IOW that had the wooden plank across a pit setup-Bath had a mobile porterloo with only about 6 cubicles at the top of the hill at the back so one only used them if desperate for a crap!
    I remember very vividly tiptoeing into a cubicle avoiding all the overspill and used paper on the floor and using the Khazi hovering as far above the seat as possible!
    I then happened to look down to see via the gap at the bottom some guys bare feet with all the aforementioned detritus squelching between His toes!
    I think this was the beginning of my aversion to hippiedom

  2. Best one I ever saw was at Cambridge Folk Festival years ago – in a public park area – posh city and there were even permanent municipal khazis up the road. I enjoy Victorious on the Common these days cos we can pop home for tea and a pee!

  3. Quite so Dave ,I’d need a luxury Winnebago to get me near a festival these days !!!

    • In fact I’d go a step further and make it a rule that all so called Glamping at festivals was only available to the over50’s with OAP discounts for over60’s !

      • Well we took our mobile traffic jam to Glastonbury. Have to have a decent chemical bog and a civilised breakfast. Also can’t go without a shave in the morning.

  4. Going to the Cropredy (or rather ‘Old Crock’ – redy ) Festival -this weekend. – Fairport, Iain Matthews etc. Not really my ‘jug of punch’, but it’s a sort of family get-together.
    Can’t imagine any of those trendy Cotswolders balancing on a plank to relieve themselves so I would think the loos will be of a high standard, if not downright luxurious.

  5. Went there in 2005 courtesy of them Fish – very much the charming end of Festival life – enjoy it!

  6. Interesting topic.

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