Hobbits & Wizards

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All that chatter below elicited this memory from Malc. Ref his final comment, there must have been more in my pipe because I wouldn’t have remembered this – but it’s rather delightful, and I can’t deny it, I read all that stuff, Tolkein, CS Lewis etc:

“All this talk of Elves and Progressive music reminded me that it was you that introduced me to “The Hobbit”. We were having a conversation in the Palmerston Southsea and you mentioned the book. I’d never heard of it as it wasn’t part of my Secondary Modern curriculum. You suggested that I might like to read it which I did and I really enjoyed it. The thing is I then gave a copy to my little sister for Xmas. She was only 7 years old but very bright read the book and also loved it. The following Xmas it was “Lord of the Rings” and following that the “Silmarillion”. She still thanks me for the introduction to Tolkien but I suppose that she should be thanking you.  I don’t no how, why or what we had been puffing on to have that chat but it turned out to be very worthwhile.”


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

One thought on “Hobbits & Wizards

  1. My copy of the Hobbit is the one I took to the IOW in 1970 which got read between acts. It is a bit battered these days, but not one which needs replacing

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