Is that Clarence?


Well, yes and no

Pete W frogman 12.10 1959

It is Clarence Pier in the background

But it isn’t Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry

Can you guess who? If not, and with an odd little twist, check the first Comment


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

8 thoughts on “Is that Clarence?

  1. It is Pompey Pop’s Florida Correspondent, Pete White and he sent it with the date: 12 October 1959

    Which, entirely by coincidence, was my 10th Birthday

  2. Right where that photo was taken they used to display a preserved whale on a large trailer if my memory serves me well.

  3. Nice story – used to be strange animals in the fair once too I think (ten headed lamas or something?). Plus there was a mermaid in a shop up by St Mary’s Church (next door to Jack McLean’s Sign Shop maybe?). This could be a new thread …

  4. She went to the Birdcage at weekends I think I snogged her; a bit fishy!!

  5. Twin 40 Cu Ft bottles at 1800 psi., can’t see the regulator, probably a twin stage, and by the way it’s called ‘LUNGING’ not ‘SCUBA’, (blasted Americanisms). Typhoon fins & three pullovers (wet suits came in around 1956, but three pullovers did the same job). Those were the days, spearfishing with a butchers meat skewer shoved into a bamboo cane. We called it “flatty bashing”.
    By the way, I’m still as boring as ever!!!

  6. Bloody hell John I thought at the start you were moving into avant-garde poetry!!

  7. Actually don’t remember too much about the gear but it was a single bottle (even one felt bloody heavy) . The most memorable thing apart from making our own lead weights from the lead flashing nicked from Brickwoods center in St Nicholas Street was the dive knife. Oh what a sad tale. My brother decided he needed a dive knife so cut down the nearest thing to hand. That was a WW1 German Bayonet sent home from the front by a great uncle. It even had a letter from him to his mother rolled up and stuffed in the mounting slot. Of course after a few moths the cut down knife was just rust and thrown away. So here I am today searching for a WW1 bayonet to fit on my 1916 Gew98 Mauser, They fetch about 200 -400 over here.

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