50 Years Ago Tonight


Albie (cheers) alerts me to a gig I never knew existed

19 September 1965. The Who played tonight in 1965 at the Savoy Ballroom in Southsea, Portsmouth.
He says “I can’t find any details in my The Who Concert File book but it was the last gig before they went off to 6 gigs in The Netherlands & Denmark”.

It surprised me, I remember (and saw) the Birdcage Festival week gig at the Savoy in July of that year and I recall them playing the Eastney Birdcage itself subsequently. Anyone remember going to this one?


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

8 thoughts on “50 Years Ago Tonight

  1. Indeed I do, there weren’t many Savoy “events” I missed because I virtually lived at the place. The thing that sticks in my mind apart from the music, all the young bands ie Beatles, Who, Adam Faith and the Roulettes, were so….diddy !! Obviously they were all young guys so what else would you expect ??
    The Savoy also sold the best pint of brown split in the area, 2 pints was all I could manage otherwise I would have started the “you’re my best mate, I really luv yer’ don’t I” syndrome, very bad form and highly embarrassing for all present !!

    • I saw my first pro group at the Savoy “The Hollies” think I was about 15 years old. Also played there a a few years later with a group “The Treasons” Billy Fury was headlining.

  2. I went see them at the Savoy. It was on a Sunday evening and I was on edge all day. I tried to persuade two mates who you might remember, Simon ‘LG’ Thornton and Gus Hawkins, to go , but they couldn’t raise the enthusiasm !! Mad fools !!

  3. Good old Google & Wiki came up with this https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Who_Tour_1965 some interesting songs on the play list.

  4. They worked pretty hard too!

  5. Me, Graham Hunt & Mike McGuigan (Third Dimension) did a support gig with The Who at The Agincourt Ballroom Camberley. 28 February 1965. This was just after ‘Can’t Explain’ was released. We used their gear, as they had been there for hours setting up and it was a small stage. I remember I used Pete T’s tweed Fender combo. Keith M was absolutely flying (!) and he wrung half pint of sweat out of his T-shirt in the dressing room after their set. He was gasping for breath.

    See this, and the following gig on Albie’s 1965 gig list above.

    Saw them again at The Birdcage 18th December 1965.

  6. I was at the Savoy gig. Seem to remember Pete Townsend being dressed in DJ and black bow tie!! Suited him, Sir!

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