Back to the ‘Posh’ Stuff


I’m over my rant now (thank you for listening) so, with thanks to Oscar and JR for their literary contributions (did you enjoy it Oscar?) I’ve ditched it.  I’m wondering whether there are any other suggestions about music to enjoy from the world of the ‘classics’?


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

9 thoughts on “Back to the ‘Posh’ Stuff

  1. Well thanks to the posh stuff topic I’ve just dug out my collection of classical guitar albums about 20 in all. I have to admit that I prefer the romantic stuff such as Fenando Sor,Tarrega and my favourite of all Agustin Barrios. I do love the South American guitar music. As we speak I’m listening to the music of Villa Lobos on one of those cheap Naxos CDs you used to be able to buy in HMV. A great way to try out classical music without perhaps wasting money if you don’t happen to like it. Also I have a great album of Takemitsu’s music (1930) played by John Williams with the London Sinfonietta. Not one for background music though.

    • Apologies for name dropping, I was chatting to John William’s daughter Katie last week at the Fleet Jazz club, she’s an up and coming saxophonist in the Paul Desmond style….superb player, just like her Dad !!

  2. I listened to lots of Jimmy Smith and others on the Hammond B3. This ,somehow led to church organ music.Awesome in the true sense.”wachet Auf” played on in some magnificent cathedrals.wonderful stuff! And what about Franz Lehar’s “dein Ist Mein Ganzez Herz”. If pete likes Ande Rieu,this will be right up his street by Netrebko,Domingo and Villazon at the Waldbuhne. you have to sit through a lot of boring opera to get the occasional aria that you recognize.(Del boy did it perfectly in a “fools and horses”episode.)

  3. How do you define Classical?

    • Well now Mr Mook, given that I have frequently delivered theoretical lectures at the University about genre definition are you looking for the quick version – posh frocks and bow ties – or the 20,000 word thesis?

  4. Here’s a “Robert Johnson” tune .

  5. Nothing to do with ‘Posh-stuff’ , but a great little article for fans of the blog i reckon…………………………..thanx Paul W http://www.telegraph.co.uk/music/artists/denmark-streets-rich-legacy/

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