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Herbie Goins RIP

Chris has informed me he has died. Here he is on one of a number of Birdcage gigs

Birdcage - Cathy

(that definitely is Mr B Thane – plus Mrs Cathy McGuigan, three across)


Back to Keef

Mr Mook has emailed to ask about that Desert island Discs. At the end he does the usual thing choosing a book which is Doctor Dogbody’s Leg by James Norman Hall

Speaking about it, KR explains the book is a collection of tales about how the Dr lost his leg, and he adds something about him being an 18th Century sailor and “Portsmouth pbvsgfjfkfoe” – or something like that. Mr Mook cannot work out what KR says and neither can MRA or I …

Anyone got a clue? It’s at the end of this link


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Does Oscar Know About It?

I’ve been to London and found a new book: Francis Beckett & Tony Russell** 1956:The YEAR THAT CHANGED BRITAIN

It seems rather fine (been reading it on the train back)

No pix but lots of stuff about politics, pop, movies, murder, cricket and Pompey – at least two mentions (1) Disappearance of ‘Buster’ Crabbe and (2) British Rock & Roll starts with Tony Crombie & His Rockets in Portsmouth

(** top Blues writer)

And talking of 1956: