And here’s


a particularly fine example of the sort of stuff that was being discovered back then. Still an inspiration to me for the Southsea Skiffle Orchestra


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

10 thoughts on “And here’s

  1. He must have been reincarnated and came back as a white man!

  2. OR Maybe he’s a large coloured gent called Sarah ,from Mississippi !!Great little dittie Dave ,and even greater chemise Malc

  3. Hah! He’s second-hand Malc! Sounds OK but why do all these old white blues players dress exactly alike these days?

  4. Here’s someone I’ve just discovered today sounds good.

  5. Nothing like a good lyric I say, and that’s nothing like a good lyric !!
    Good geetaring though ?

    • Well Rod the samples here are as follows, Death Letter, Hard Times Killing Floor, Trouble so Hard and Jesus is on the Mainline hope that helps.

  6. Still think I’ll stick with Miles Davis, Bill Evans , Art Tatum etc, I’m not quite so out of my depth with them.
    However, thanks for the info Malc, I’m eternally grateful….I think !!

  7. Try this guy – he certainly doesn’t dress like most white blues men…

  8. …and Dave, doesn’t the jew’s harp player look like a backwoods Pete Clark?

  9. Struck me that your Facebook photo and the main man look interchangeable …

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