Gail Zappa RIP

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From Mr Mook who loves everything in Zappaworld, more sad news:

Adelaide Gail Zappa (née Sloatman; January 1, 1945 – October 7, 2015) died of lung cancer , was the wife of musician and composer Frank Zappa and the trustee of the Zappa Family Trust. They met in Los Angeles in 1966 through mutual friend Bobby Jameson, and married while she was pregnant with their first child, Moon Zappa.


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One thought on “Gail Zappa RIP

  1. “Solitude” was a somewhat unusual song Frank wrote for Gail….. You tube link below, but first here’s the story behind it, from an interview with Steve Vai, one of Frank’s many superb guitarists…..

    Q Tell me about the song “Solitude” which you performed for Gail at the ‘Zappa’s Universe’ rehearsals

    Steve Vai: It was a song that we rehearsed in the ’80s band. Frank had written it before then, but we had rehearsed it in an attempt to persuade Frank to play it—which you really can’t do.

    Q: It wasn’t a typical Zappa song.

    SV: It was the least typical Zappa song I ever heard. When I asked him if it was written for Gail, he said “No.” But I know it was because Gail told me it was. Obviously it’s written for her.

    Q: It wasn’t actually recorded—just rehearsed?

    SV: Well I have heard a tape, I believe, of tracks for that song with the David Logeman band—for the “You Are What You Is” album. And we rehearsed it, and Frank came in as he does sometimes if he’s in a certain mood—he just started chopping songs from the list. We learned a hundred songs and that was one that got chopped. But I remember Arthur Barrow had a cassette of it from rehearsal and years later I wanted to record it. I wanted to do something with it but Gail’s very sensitive about that song. It’s a very special song for her and rightly so.

    Q: Did you actually sing it at that time?

    SV: Yeah, I did. I got the tape from Arthur. I believe it was Arthur—it was either Arthur or Scott Thunes. I think it was maybe Scott Thunes, I can’t even remember now. And then I learned it and I did a little version of it for Gail at the sound check for ‘Zappa’s Universe’. I totally blew it. I remember she just sat there with her hand over her mouth. But I talked to her about that song.

    Q: So probably it’ll never see the light of day officially?

    SV: Well there were other people that wanted to record it, but I think Gail wants Dweezil to record it first…..

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