My Exes


Mr Spider has informed me that the Bullfrog on Thursday will feature

“An early “sneak peak” at Teed Up, the new band featuring the the keyboard wizard Ray Drury along with the
legendary Steve Roux on guitar, Bernie Fox – ex Jimmy Witherspoon, Eric Bibb & Sherman Robertson on drums, Steve Browning – ex Pretty Things, David Gilmour, It’s A Beautiful Day”

I love these lists of people that people have played with. All entirely true of course and clearly the impressive names are in the list, but there again Bernie and I were playing together 45 years ago and Steve Browning, Mr Tench and I, 30 years ago (including the occasional appearance for Mr Greedy at Basin’s)

Come to think of it I’ve had the occasional sing with the legendary Mr Roux too. Now who’s this bloke Drury?


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “My Exes

  1. Ray Drury is one of the friendliest blokes you’re likely to meet. A very talented keyboard player, he crops up in lots of different ‘ensembles ‘ . I haven’t seen a bad performance from any of these talented musicians.

  2. The first time I saw Ray play was with Pete Harris’s Band @ The “Old” Theatre Royal on a Sunday evening, I’ve forgotten who the promoter was. I was with one of Al Christmas’s many projects called “Running on Empty” (or was it “Jumpin’ at Shadows”?). Anyway, we were support to Pete’s Band and I was blown away with Ray’s playing then, about 17 odd years ago. That was a great gig as we had the late Pete Bugg on 2nd guitar alongside Alan. In the audience was that great jazz trumpeter Nat Gonella from Gosport, his feet frantically going up and down to the music, he was quite a legendary player…

  3. Hi Dave. I was only allowed 1 David on my CV and it came down to a coin toss!

    It was a great evening and Ray was as impressive as ever. Talking of impressive, through the magic of Facebook (and another ex – Mick Eveleigh), I have finally been in contact with Steve Cole. Seems life is good for him down in the west country.

  4. I think we should know more about this ‘dalliance’ with Mr Gilmour …

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