Trevor Williamson/Williams


This has just come in as a Comment on an earlier post about Frank Kelly’s Band, the Hunters. Can anyone help?

“Hi we have been researching the life of Trevor Williamson who I believe is the Trev Williams mentioned as a member of the Hunters (previously the Paramounts) we found a photo in his effects. Unfortunately Trevor has just died and we held his funeral today. We would be really interested if anyone could add to his story or if any of the band members are still about?”


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5 thoughts on “Trevor Williamson/Williams

  1. Frank Kelly now lives in Hasting, but is probably the only one from then still around! ???

  2. I’ve got Frank’s e-mail address if required, we still keep in touch since the days of Frank Kelly and Friends. I was on organ and bass pedals, drummer was the late Steve Grant (of Image fame?). Steve and I got together not long after he returned from Germany, Frank I vaguely knew from the Co-op Club (now Wedgewood Rooms) in Albert Road. I then met up with him one Tuesday night at the Tricorn, he was doing nothing in the way of music, we all got together, the rest is history as they say.

  3. I’ve had a reply from Frank who hopes he’s got the following info right :
    Trevor Williams was the drummer with the Hunters, originally being a guitarist in the Classics. When Tony Ransley left, they needed a drummer so Trevor learned to play drums quote Frank…”overnight” ! They then became the Paramounts with Johhny Rocco (Watts) and Gary and Lee….He thinks they all worked together a lot over at Fleetlands.

  4. So sorry to hear about the sad loss of another mate from those happy days.

    When I left the Crestas I took Dave Sampson’s place as the singer with the original Hunters (Teen Scene, Golden Earrings etc). It didn’t last long because Adam Faith asked them to back him and become the Roulettes, which they did. Tony Porter, my manager at the time, saw it as an opportunity to use the name and recreate a new Frank Kelly & the Hunters.

    The new Hunters were to be 3 from the Paramounts and Digger Hart. Digger was an apprentice in the dockyard and had watched Dave Cobb go off with Vince Taylor unsuccessfully so he declined the offer. Tony Porter then asked Tony Hutchins (lead guitar from the Crestas) who jumped at the chance, and we became a 60’s pop group.

    Trev Williams was the drummer in the Hunters.

    I may have got this bit right or wrong but I’m sure there was a connection with the classics.
    Originally I think Trev was a guitarist in the Classics and when Tony Ransley left they needed a drummer so Trev learned to play overnight. They then became the Paramounts with Johnny Rocco (Watts) and Gary & Lee.

    I hope I’ve remembered it right.

    I think the 3 Paramounts worked together at Fleetlands in Bridgemary. Dave Loney (guitar) Johnny Randall (bass) Trev Williams (drums) from Gosport and Tony Hutchins (lead guitar) from Paulsgrove. Dave died a long time ago and Tony, a couple of years back. I never heard from them once we broke up but I think they went back to Gosport. I think at the time Trev lived with his Gran in San Diego Rd, Gosport.


    Frank Kelly

  5. Hi this is Ian Ellwood who originally inquired about Trevor’s early life, it was my wife Angie and I who knew him in his later years when he moved to Waterbeach, nr Cambridge some 15 years ago. He never really spoke in detail about his early times in the bands, so it is good to catch up on the history. We would just like to say thank you to all those who have contributed to filling in the gaps. People here who knew him have been amazed by the history of the unassuming man. Thank You all

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