Ho Jolly Ho

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Low Down Christmas

Not much specifically about Christmas on the Blog this year but can I remind you that through December 2010 I traced a bit of a history of popular music Christmas events in Pompey and you can still find that. Then in December 2011 I listed a series of “Christmas Crackers” – mostly albums – of less well-known Christmas music which might be of interest.

Have fun!


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

One thought on “Ho Jolly Ho

  1. Hi Dave just caught up with the blog and the item on the SAS Band (Spikes’s All Stars). I have seen them many times and lately on the 26th November at The Brook. It’s a band’s band with Spike on keyboard Jamie Moses lead guitar Steve Stroud on bass and Johnny Mater on drums plus three blowers but don’t know their names. Spike never announces who his guests will be but in almost 30 years of seeing them the list reads like a whose who. I remember PJ Proby way back but in recent times Graham Goldman is usually with them and he brings along Mick Wilson who apart from being a percussionist has the lead vocal on Rubber Bullits which is unbelievable when they play it live. This November apart from Graham the guests were ladies Madeline Bell, Patti Russo who appeared alongside Meatloaf, Mel C, and Sheryl Baker who is marries to Steve Stroud. They have played the 25 riff many time and now it’s up to 29. I advise everyone to look at bookings for The Brook because Spike brings his band there at least once a year. Many people don’t know that Spike was the unsung 5th member of Queen having played with them forever but never as a band member. I have stood along side Roger Taylor, Brian May and many other famous people who like me come to watch them in awe. Chris Thompson is one of my favourites and again when played live Davys On the Road Again and Blinded By The light are show stoppers. I could go on and on about others who have appeared with them all just sensational.

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