TERRY (from Morley) & PS


I’ve just heard from Nigel – the message below is clear I think but I’d like to wish Nigel well – he had what ‘they’ call a routine ‘op’ on Friday – I had one myself last year and sometimes the recovery ain’t entirely smooth so good luck and best wishes to Nigel as well. I’m off to see Mick this afternoon so will report back.

Here’s Nigel:

Following my post about Terry I would like to add this piece. In the 1960s there were three of us who went around the local scene together, Terry Shulman, Morley Stewart-Jones and myself and in 1971 my girl friend Audrie (now my wife) joined us too. In reply to my email to Morley about Terry’s passing, he sent me the following verses which I think describe Terry admirably.
So sad.
My Ode to Terry:
A lonely human being, whom few could understand
He lived his world inside his head, no aspirations grand
You’d think him overshadowed when fame called on his brothers
But life was still so rich to him, he only thought of others
I guess he understood the world in his own special way
Creating art from deep inside and living every day
the way he wanted, what a shame the world will never know
the man we knew when finally the time had come to go
PS: (Nigel)
Can you please let people know that Terry’s funeral will be at Catherington Jewish Cemetery at 2.30pm tomorrow (Tuesday). The cemetery is next to Catherington Church of England School, at number 316, whose postcode is PO8 0TD. Friends who would like to attend are welcome, but no flowers. Some people’s memories of Terry are on Jan William’s (Caravan gallery) facebook page here:https://www.facebook.com/jan.williams.125/posts/10153766429949547?notif_t=like

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4 thoughts on “TERRY (from Morley) & PS

  1. Although I never knew Terry I am sure I must have seen him as from 66 thru 69 I lived next door to his parents house in Canterbury Road. The insightful eulogy from Nigel however, made me feel as if I knew him and also caused me to stop and think how precious each person is. Each of us chooses the path we will take on this long and strange journey. Some leave behind no trace of their passing except in our hearts and memories and some leave behind tangible footprints that continue to reach out and remind us and inspire us.
    Musicians and Artists are truly some of the most passionate and compassionate people we meet on this journey. I am so glad that this blog exists and that Access All Areas will ensure that Terry will not only be remembered, but people will be able to view and appreciate the art he created. My sincere condolences to his family for their loss.

  2. A lovely tribute to a true gent.

  3. That is beautiful,

  4. Saw the notice the Shulman family placed in Wednesday`s News. Very sorry to hear of Terry`s death. He was a lovely bloke.

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