It’s in the Diary (2)


Exactly 50 years ago today I stayed in bed until 9am – something I never manage these days.

How do I know? Because as I’ve mentioned before, 1966 was the one year of my life I kept a daily diary. Every now and then over the forthcoming year I’ll stick excerpts on here if they seem relevant. Saturday 1 January 1966 certainly does

I spent New Year’s Eve at the Birdcage which featured the Action. I didn’t note a support act so maybe it was just them plus ‘Brady’s’ records. On New Year’s Day I was reading Nell Dunn’s Up the Junction – later made into a movie. Wikipedia says: “Up the Junction is a 1963 collection of short stories by Nell Dunn that depicts contemporary life in the industrial slums of Battersea and Clapham Junction. The book uses colloquial speech, and its portrayal of petty thieving, sexual encounters, births, deaths and back-street abortion provided a view of life that was previously unrecognised …”

It seems to have been a relatively quiet day although I met up with my pal Martin Richman at one point and late afternoon recorded BBC radio’s Jazz Club which featured the Brian Auger Trinity and Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames. I’d have done that on our family reel-to-reel and boy do I wish I still had that programme!

PS: It occurred to me to check it out on the Radio Times Archives. It was actually called Jazz Beat and I guess that title and the chosen guests indicate a shift away from mainstream jazz to incorporate the newer R&B scene. It was introduced by George Melly and ran from 6.30-7 pm on the Light Programme. That morning Saturday Club looked a bit crap – Hedgehoppers Anonymous, Rick & Sandy (?), Barry St John (?), Acker Bilk and the Merseybeats. I’m a bit confused that there doesn’t seem to be any Sports Report scheduled that day although Pompey lost 3-1 at Derby with a goal by Ron Tindall.

PPS If you follow the conversation on here (a fine start to the New Year) you’ll understand this old scrapbook photo of the Animals, Tommy Tucker, Carl Perkins (I do like Carl Perkins) and Elkie Brooks

Animals Perkins, Tucker etc



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

13 thoughts on “It’s in the Diary (2)

    From the annals of history (well you started it ) end of week Fri 31st /Sat 1st ,Soul Society double dating the new years eve with gig at The Concorde Southampton (support to ???) then a dash back to the NAFFI Club to see in the new year ..Saturday ‘in the woods’ with uncle Ernie at Zacks Shack……………………All sounds a little frantic to me !!!

    • just occurred to me that the gig over at Boarhunt was the opening night for Zacks Shack …..with The Soul Agents…Don Shinn keys/Dave Glover bass / Pete Hunt drums and from ‘down the road’ Ian Duck /guitar ‘armonica and such History…..Its a thing of the past eh???? Did anybody stay up LATE last night ? Hootenanny made interesting viewing (is there something wrong with the singer in that band Future Islands ???

      • He’s weird isn’t he? Decent enough sound but they look like a bunch of telephone engineers on a night out! I thought it was a pretty good show overall.

  2. Good stuff Mr F – keep ’em coming!

  3. Xmas 1965 – my Mum & Dad bought me an Elizabethan Reel to Reel tape recorder. Wow! Sometime over that period I recorded The Four Tops off the T.V, with the mic against the speaker. I can still remember a superb version of “I Can’t Help Myself”, and I was 14 years of age and was stunned by the performance and Levi Stubbs in particular. That’s a recording I wish I’d kept -even if you could hear my nan talking in the background….
    My other “big” present that year was a blue quilted anorak, which for a while (not long though!) was an essential item of mod clothing – well, in Gosport at least. Maybe Y.R.A would remember, Dave?

  4. Happy New Year Dave!
    I got to know Barry St John in 1971 while I was shops manager on board the Cunard ship RMS Carmania. She was then in an all girl trio (the name escapes me) who were part of the entertainment during the Mediterranean cruises that summer ( if you could tell me how to post a photo I’ll send one!)
    She was a sixties singer with a soulful voice who didn’t quite make it but check out ‘Come Away Melinda’ which got into the lower ranks of the charts. There was also a couple of more upbeat numbers. Hopefully that solves your ‘?’ !!

  5. I’m sure that Barry St John was on the Animals/Carl Perkins/Nashville Teens/Tommy Tucker bill at the Guildhall in 1964.

  6. The old memory is going! I’ve just listened to Come Away Melinda and it’s not the one I meant but it was the only title I could remembert! Her first singles in 1964 were ‘A little bit of Soap’ ‘A Thing of the Past’ and ‘Bread and Butter’. So DaveG is probably right about the Guidhall as she could have been promoting those numbers, not to much success unfortunately!

  7. Many thanks guys – wasn’t Elkie Brooks on that tour as well? And that Melinda song was Tim Rose I think …

      Yes Dave…..

      good game to start the new year——–get those memory banks going guys !!!!

  8. Lest we forget——–First edition of T O T P on’t’telly from the BBC Manchester studio (converted church?) presented by a certain cigar smoking blonde d.j. character , 50 +2 years ago today………………..yes indeed pop pickers , another event from 1964…

  9. 1966…hmmm… Well I seem to recall playing the heck out of the Beach Boys Pet Sounds LP. The Furys played Kimballs. Dunno if it was a club gig or not as I can’t remember except that we played on a very small stage that had mirrors on the back wall. The band was slowly imploding as predatory women started getting some of us fitted for wedding suits. Oh the shame of it!

  10. You could be right about Kimbells Pete. I have some (colour!) photos of us playing there on New Years Eve 1966. There are mirrors on the back wall, and some of the shots were taken from the balcony above.

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