It’s in the Diary

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Among various musical Christmas presents, my buddy Denis bought me Ronnie Wood’s diary from 1965 during the time he was playing in the Birds. It’s a neat publication, a reproduction of his handwritten original with added photos and comments by Ronnie and offers insights into the world of promising/struggling R&B bands back then.

Here’s the entry about a gig on Sunday 16 May 1965:

“A bit of a dump but the atmosphere was pretty good – plenty of Mods – a place similar to ‘Crawdaddy’ Richmond”

And the venue? Southsea – the “dump” therefore being Kimbells regular Sunday night blues club, a couple of months after the Birdcage opened there on Thursday nights

Somewhat confusingly¬†Ronnie adds: “The Authentics (now called) the Crow were with us” (i.e. the support act) but the Crow and the Authentics were of course different bands. The Crow had previously been the J Crow Combo but by now they featured only the two Williams brothers from Southampton on guitar and bass, plus two fine Pompey musicians, Chris Ryder (vocals) and Graham Hunt (drums).



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One thought on “It’s in the Diary

  1. I must admit that I found the book a bit flimsy. It seems to sit between a personal memoir and a chronological record without having enough depth to impress in either category

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