Rainy Day Quiz


One of the things I kept quite frequently in my diary for 1966 was the Top Ten R&B chart in Record Mirror

Try this without checking on the internet first – these are the 1-10 titles of the records in that first week. can you name the artists. I could only remember eight of the ten: 1. Rescue Me 2. See Saw 3. Ain’t That Peculiar 4. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright 5. A Sweet Woman Like You 6. My Girl 7. Don’t Fight It 8. Liar Liar 9. All or Nothing 10. 1-2-3


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

18 thoughts on “Rainy Day Quiz

  1. Only four I’m pretty sure of: 1 Fontella Bass 2 Sam and Dave 6 Otis Redding 9 Small Faces and one guess: 7 Wilson Pickett?

  2. Just checked…..pretty poor!

  3. 1.Fontella Bass
    2.Don Covay
    3.Marvin Gaye
    6.Otis Redding
    9.The Small Faces
    10.Len Barry
    And that’s my lot
    The rest not a clue!!!!

  4. Not bad Mr G. I hadn’t even thought about the Small Faces and that’s a reasonable answer but “All or Nothing” was one of the two tracks I would not have got. Maybe I should have said they are ALL from the USA. I’m not sure now whether it’s the same song – I’ll try to find out (I did & it’s not). Geoff’s guess was a good one incidentally and while they’re all from the USA there are two white acts – but not on “All or Nothing”

  5. 1 fontella bass
    2 don covay
    3 marvin gaye
    4 ??????
    5 joe tex
    6 Otis
    7 Wilson p
    8 ??(I should know this)??
    9 small faces
    10 len barry
    that’s my 8 of 10 dave………………….(lots of soul music in those r&b charts eh?)

  6. Seven right Phil, but number 9 is still not the Small Faces. Number 4 is ‘almost’ an instrumental by a guy who was also a producer and number 8 is by a white group (one hit wonders)

    • # 4 …..could this be jr walker then……if this is right then I need a good smack around the head !!!!!!
      # 8 ……..what about ‘three dog night’ ????my guess
      thanx for the American clue , but I still don’t have any bells ringing for #9
      I’m sure someone’s coming up with this soon !!!!

  7. You’re OK Phil – rather more obscure than Jr Walker, characterised by a driving beat perhaps? Not Three Dog Night certainly more obscure than them!

  8. i still need that slap around the head…………………….thanx for clue #2
    Why ever didn’t I get it This and ‘That Driving Beat’ were both in the bloody playlist du jour !!!!
    It can only be Willie Mitchell ????
    I can hear the chorus line——“LIAR LIAR” bugger!!!

  9. yesssss……………………still only the eight. c’mon out there, someone … answers still needed for 8 and 9

  10. I think what threw me was the fact that Rescue Me was a very ‘slow burner’ in the U.S. soul charts. It was released in September as a single. Previous to that it was an advertising soundtrack for American Express !! When she was at a very low point in her life, she was amazed to hear her voice broadcast all over the USA !! It has been said that Rescue Me was the finest soul record that Aretha Franklin never recorded. In my humble opinion, I can’t imagine a better version than Fontella’s. A real driving beat from word go.

  11. Is there a Chuck Berry in the list, Dave ?

  12. Is 8 The Castaways?

  13. Dave has it! So now it’s nine from ten and I’ll post the final answers

  14. Well all that blew away the end of year cobwebs…….good fun , although I still don’t remember 8 &9 from the list (there’s some other song out there with LIAR–LIAR in the chorus) I’m pretty sure………………..’good game–good game’….Next

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