Crap isn’t it? If you’re overseas you may have heard about the floods up north. In Pompey it just seems endlessly dark and damp – 3.30 right now but more like early evening – hailstorm earlier and a cold wind to add.In 1966 I made little comment on the weather until this day which was Monday 10 January. I was going back to school tomorrow so had my haircut as they gave us endless grief if any part of it was long enough to grip.

This was bad timing as it snowed and laid overnight (as a consequence of which I caught the bus to school rather than my good old bike). My ears would have been cold.

On that Monday, I also bought Wilson Pickett’s new (first?) album of which I have no recollection whatsoever. Incidentally I haven’t mentioned much TV because I didn’t watch it very often, but on Wednesday 5 January I made a note that I saw the Who playing “It’s Not True” on BBC1’s Whole Scene Going which was on from 6.30-7pm. I’ve checked it out and more details include, introduced by Wendy Varnals and Barry Fantoni (interesting bloke, check him on Wikipedia) and featuring also Spike Milligan and Lulu. It was the first edition of the weekly show. At 7pm there was a football soap opera called United and at 7.30pm The Best of Hancock’s Half Hour


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “STORMY WEATHER

  1. Wilson P’s new album for 19&66 would be “The Exciting Wilson Pickett” (worth up to about £25.00 if you still have it)
    I think the first would’ve been………..’Its Too Late’….1963 / then ‘Midnight Hour’ in 1965

    Birthday wishes to Pompeys old mucker Rod Stewart…….(and my grandson Dawson….yesterday)

  2. I remember that ‘United’ had a Tommy Docherty-type manager called Bob McIvar, a George Best-type glamour boy called Zack Bishop and a Scottish inside-forward called Richie McLeod, who had had drink problems. There was also a tough-tackling full back called Curly something.

    And all of this must have been about the time I splashed out on a madras check shirt from the Shirt King, because Reggie King was wearing one in a colour pic of the Action.

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