Pompey’s Finest?


Saw Joe Jackson at the NTR last night. A two hour show (no support), some solo some plus two Americans on guitar and drums and Graham Maby (bass guitar) from Gosport. He mixed up the set with stuff from the new album, some from way back (including the hits) and various covers (Big Yellow Taxi – New Orleans style, Scary Monsters and See No Evil from Fast Forward)

It was a sell-out, an excellent show, with a standing ovation at the end. He’s become a fine performer in addition to being surely Pompey’s most accomplished musician in the popular music field.

These days I have a way of explaining to myself the difference between music and musicians I admire and those whose music I love (there’s a third lot but no time to spend on them). Those I love are playing music I can dream of playing and would love to play. In some cases, over the years, I’ve got close to doing that – in others (Miles Davis for example) I’m not even in the same universe. Joe Jackson is one that I admire. The music doesn’t actually hit that spot, I can’t imagine ever playing it or dreaming of playing it. But boy is he good!


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Pompey’s Finest?

  1. Joe is a great musician and his love for ALL genres of music on evident in his output . His autobiography ‘A Cure for Gravity’ is a superb description of the Portsmouth music scene . This book ranks alongside ‘Almost…'(by a chap called Dave Allen ) , My Back Pages’ (Nigel Grundy), and ‘Twenty Missed Beats’ (Tony Rollinson), in it’s ability to capture the mood and atmosphere of the time.

  2. That’s right Oscar – it is a terrific book, very funny too. And the focus is on his early years not his subsequent stardom. I am now making progress with the archive in the library and it is in there.

  3. I am not telling this story for any name dropping reason, just fact and maybe some people will be interested.
    When I lived in Gosport and owned a hairdressing salon I used to cut Joe and Graham’s hair around the time of his song, “Is She Really Going Out with Him”. He told me that he came home early from a short tour, was driving in Gosport and saw his girlfriend arm in arm with another guy, that’s the story behind that song.
    Trouble for me was, I also cut his girlfriend’s hair who was related to Graham and the new boyfriend who said that he didn’t mind Joe writing the song but was angry about being called a gorilla.

  4. Fine local musician with enough ‘world qualifications’ to be on the ‘Wall of Fame’ in the Guildhall foyer I would think , along with one Paul Pond……….Well there’s always later !!!!!!

  5. HATCHES / MATCHES / DESPATCHES & GOSPORT from this date in the past………………………….. (the latter having a close connection to the ‘main thread’)

    HATCHES….1953…Neil Henderson, guitarist from Scottish band Middle Of The Road ( and I believe a previous member of Scottish popsters The Bay City Rollers ) Partly responsible for Pete Cross’s all time favourite record. Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep…………

    MATCHES….1965….Ringo and his ‘bird’ Maureen

    DISPATCHES….2009…From Phil Spectors ‘Wall of Sound’ girls The Ronettes….Estelle Bennett

    How excited I might have been ….I note from gig records of fifty years ago ,tonight Soul Society perform at Thorngate Halls. (apparently for local branch of NALGO ,and for the princely sum of £8:00 (wow that’s all of £138:33 in todays money)
    here endeth todays nonsense and ‘the sun has got his hat on etc etc etc

  6. Well done Phil! 50 years ago today I borrowed albums by Leadbelly and Muddy Waters off a mate and taped them on the old reel-to-reel. I’ve never got past that stuff really.

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