Dead Cool


Mushroom graveyard

Sent by AW (cheers) – but who are they?

Not just the band but left to right …

Might as well, it’s not worth going out in Pompey today


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

13 thoughts on “Dead Cool

  1. Not a clue who they are but definitely need haircuts!

  2. Is’nt that Coconut Mushroom ? The organist Nigel Slydell at the back on the right, Terry Threadingham, drums with his arm draped round a young lady, Colin Carter at the front with his arm draped over what looks like a young Rick Wakeman but it’s not, the rest look familiar but can’t name them.

  3. Well done Rod. I think by then they were just Mushroom. The “young Rick Wakeman” was Mick McGuigan’s replacement on bass guitar and went on to some international success playing with some big names … Far right on lead guitar a bloke whose names could be reversed (no not backwards!). Maybe only Terry can name the best looking one.

  4. Well the ‘leaning post’ for Colin Carter is of course another ‘local hero’ and our bass player for a short time in my non starter band “Dawn” (I think) Mick Feat…. Subsequently played out with Van Morrison /Streetwalker /Dave Gilmour /Fastway / Tumblr /Alvin Lee etc etc

    • I’ve been doing my bald bonce in trying to remember that bass player’s name and yet again Mr Freeman delivers the goods…..a very fine bass player indeed was Mick Feat, I sold him a Marshall rig when I was working at Minns…..

  5. That’s it Phil – well done!

  6. Nobody’s got the guitarist far right. The clue is Marion Ryan (no, not the answer, the clue)

  7. just back from a floor painting event at the exhibition space , and only too please to help………………It’ll be Barry Paul then (John Clark’s replacement)………………..Good Clue Professor !!!

  8. Well done Phil – for the painting and the answers!

  9. Rod, the girl Terry T is propping up is Jane and he say’s you should remember her as you were going out with her friend… around 1970.. the cemetery is prob Highland rd..

  10. If that’s who I think it is, her name was Pat, surname I can’t remember….thanks for that little snippit Al !!

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