For Phil


Who sent tales of the Teapots (in Drayton) and the Wrong Direction which they became. Here they are:

The Wrong Direction 4

When Mick and I were doing Pompey Pop Pix, we had a real job getting any photos of the band but we got there. I’m not sure I ever saw them although they did play at least one all nighter at the Birdcage.

(Every time I see Phil on the Blog I think about the Pompey/Wales full back circa 1973 – the days of Marinello, Piper, Ron Davies, Went etc. Some of us – Phil, me, John Roberts – have to get used to sharing our names, but I’ve never met another Lenny Tench, Mr Greedy or Jimmy the Mook)

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

3 thoughts on “For Phil

  1. Very kind of you Dave! As they were local to Manor Court Club and the Drayton/Farlingon area i must of seen them quite a lot, they weren’t a bad outfit at all . Re my namesake,i saw him play a lot as i was a regular at Fratton Park in those days, fortunately he wasn’t a bad player! In those times it was possible to move around the ground , there was a bunch of older guys who used to stand at the Milton End who were dubbed the Bobby Kellard Fan Club…..highly amusing they used to shout stuff at their hero when he took a corner and he would blow kisses to them. The atmosphere was so much better then , i never go near the place now.

  2. Absolutely agree Phil – and I don’t either. I remember Bobby K in a magnificent 2nd (?) replay at a muddy Selhurst Park when we beat Leyton Orient in the Cup. At Fratton We’d stand on the halfway line, north side, near the front and there was an old bloke from Italy/Malta or whatever who shouted “Mongrel bastard” at everyone. I recall a game v Notts County where I had people singing the first line from “Witchitaw Lineman” every time the ‘referees assistant’ ran by. I guess the thing was not being stuck in a seat and knowing there would always be some mates there.

    • Yes all seaters have got a lot to awnser for…..i remember that replay though i didn’t go. I’m not sure if it was that season that we played Charlton in the cup and there were 33,000 at the park, only for Pompey to do their usual trick of being hopeless in front of a large crowd and losing …3-0 i think.

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