Mick’s busy


It must be Inspiration

Actually it is. Who can name the individuals? Mick knows a couple



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

11 thoughts on “Mick’s busy

  1. Is the guy lowest on the ladder Brian Kemp? He was my gardener for a couple of years!

  2. Brian Kemp, Roger Tice, Colin Carter, Keith Durrant and I think Graham Chapman

  3. yes definitely Graham Chapman Nigel, i was in the Sheiks of R & B with him and Mark Hunter in 1963..

    • I remember Sheiks of R & B, one of my favourite groups at the time. Do you remember “Search for a Star” at the Star Ballroom above Burtons?

      • Paul, funny you should mention the Star, after i put the post up i started thinking where we used to play and the first to come to mind was the Star up all those stairs.. another place we played a few times was the Parade on Clarence parade… and thanks for being our only known fan..

  4. Nigel? but which is which? please Brian at the bottom of the ladder and Colin in the stripped shirt. Check shirt ? middle of the ladder? Standing in front? many thanks

  5. Now then Mick, I have found an informant who suggests to me that Graham is at the top, Roger is the one with glasses and we know Brian and Colin which means … (Bob’s your uncle)

  6. I thought you had solved my dilemma! but now I realise I am way out of date! I have this:-
    INSPIRATION: Colin Carter (V) replaced by Al Golding (V), Dave Clark (G), Pete Tucker (G), Brian Kemp (BG), Roger Tice (BG), Keith Durant (D). Mid/late 60s
    so who are the new guys? does anyone know?
    Graham ??? is at the top, Roger Tice ??? is the one with glasses and we know Brian Kemp and Colin Carter standing Bob ??? in front!

  7. Well the only difference is that Graham is there in the photo, in the days before Dave Clark and/or Pete Tucker. There were various line ups of Inspiration and some of them became Wanted, while we know about Brian in Heaven and Colin in C Mushroom

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