The Weekend Starts Here

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“5-4-3-2-1” – except of course on Southern Television where mostly (always?) they showed Ready Steady Go! on Sunday afternoons – and quite soon it was to disappear altogether. Still it was generally better than Top of the Pops although not, in the words of Tony the Tiger, “GREAT” this weekend with Billy J Kramer & the Dakotas, the Walker Brothers and Doris Troy. I didn’t like the Walker Bros much back then – especially after they snubbed the Birdcage opening ‘do’ in October 1965 – but I have come to love Scott Walker’s solo work, he does have a fine voice. On Saturday night (26.2.1966) I paid 7/6d to see the Alan Price Set again at the Birdcage. I’m rather sorry that I spent the Friday night at St Nick’s Youth Club instead of seeing the Soul Agents at the ‘Cage’. Not sure why, as I had bought their records, seen them previously and liked them. Maybe I was short of a penny or two?

There were only two live nights this week with Records only on Thursday and Sunday. We are approaching a somewhat ‘down’ period in terms of the live acts out at Eastney although it picked up again in the Autumn.

If you have Here Come the Sixties you’ll know this next bit off by heart – otherwise here’s the local scene, February/March 1966:

“The Indigo Vat soon moved to three nights attracting many musicians, as it became the local “in place”. Regular performers included the Bryan Hug Fraternity, the Tea-Pots, Simon Dupree & the Big Sound, the Klimaks, the Gaudy Doyle Set and St Louis Checks with new drummer Alan Williams. The St Paul’s Square venue was now known as the In Place and featured the Shakedown, Meteors UK, Shades of Blue, and the In-Sex (formerly the Latins). Zack’s Shack continued to attract audiences and the Soul Society were regulars at North End’s Soul Parlour, which also featured many of the same local groups. One of Portsmouth earliest rock groups the Southern Sounds reformed with original guitarist Colin Quaintance taking over vocals. The Klimaks secured a summer season in Bognor and the St Louis Checks progressed to the final of the Melody Maker contest and auditioned for EMI.”


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

One thought on “The Weekend Starts Here

  1. Incidentally if you do an online search for RSG on Friday 25 Feb 1966 you are offered the wonderful Temptations singing the beautiful “My Girl”. But the clip doesn’t look like RSG to me.

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