Waving (and winking)


This is Elfrida who saw daylight at 9.45 pm last night. MRA informs me that there is much prospect of music in her chart (Neptune conjunct her sun) and she’ll be a sensitive Piscean with Libra rising. This is all a big deal to me because (for the first time in my life) I’m a Great Uncle. Since I never worked out how to make kids of my own I’m rather delighted. The hand belongs to her dad Tim who I can remember when he looked somewhat like this too.

Elfrida 2

and for you Elfrida, here’s a start:



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

10 thoughts on “Waving (and winking)

  1. well heartiest congrats to the uncle that is indeed ‘great’…………a precious gift indeed……
    Just thought I’d like to share this mornings ‘moment’……
    Had breakfast with Robert Cray (Heavy Picks..collection) hhmmmm nice !!!!! Started a bit of aquarium maintenance with the worrying realization that for some inexplicable reason , going around in my head was ‘Midnight at the oasis’ Two things transpired.
    First I googled Maria Mulduar……O M G I think she is deserving of an award for longest name (or at least the parents)..
    MARIA GRAZIA ROSA DOMENICA D’AMATO phew !!! then I searched Spotify for a bit of background music for ‘fish time’ , and found a very nice piece from 2004 called ‘Sisters and Brothers’ with the aforementioned Ms Mulduar and Eric Bibb and Rory Block I found it to be a totally enjoyable hour or so………
    That’s it

    • I love her stuff Phil – really fine, as is ex-hubby Geoff Muldaur

    • With all this banter about positives in the future for this newborn ,star signs and all the rest ( MRA ) , 43 years ago today one Peter Andre arrived in the world !!!!

    • I will never know quite why I bought it, but I still have the Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band “See Reverse Side for title” LP, in the band were Maria D’Amato and Geoff Muldaur. Their version of Richland Woman is one of my most favourite songs of all time with the mix of he singing and his guitar. Can’t find it on Youtube so here is a live version which is pretty good. As young Harry got a record player which can record real records to a USB stick I must get this one down from the attic and get hi to record it for me.

  2. Good to hear about the music prospects. Congratulations, Great Uncle Dave!

  3. Congrats Dave, And Phil the theme from “Jaws” would have been good………

  4. I see Elfrida shares her birthday with Fats Domino… notably also Victor Hugo, but I’m not aware of his musical talents.

    • apparently Victor Hugo was pretty efficient at one finger piano , but has this quote associated with him……..”music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent ”
      here endeth the lesson !!!

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