Squires Boutique

A lady called Pauline has just posted this as a comment on a post way back. It’s interesting so I’m putting it up here. I once bought a pair of rust herringbone trousers (among other things) from Squires – too cool for words. I really showed off …

Here’s Pauline (thank you)

“Hi I was looking up ‘Squires Boutique’ as my late husband, Tony Leaver, managed the Commercial Road branch, the Tricorn outlet and then Southampton and came across your blog and it brought back many memories. The name of the window dresser that worked with Dave Arney was Mick Simpson. Phil Rees worked there but I think he went to the States as did Mick Batchelor and possibly Merv Wright. Another name I remember was Keith Stray who was our best man. It was great reading and I just had to add what information I have in the hopes that someone might pick up the thread again with even more information.”


Gigs ahoy …

Scarlet Town x

Now there are Six

Scarlet Town are performing in the Guildhall Café this Friday – midday -1pm. It’s free, all you need is love, and the price of a cup of tea guv.

One of the missing musicians above is double-bass player Dave Jordan who on Saturday night will be running his latest Barebones  acoustic session at Milton Village Hall featuring the very fine Wood Wire and Words, an old pal of mine Phil Langran from the midlands via Brighton, and Waif & Stray.


Ahoy there!

Here’s MRA with our pals Les and Stu* aboard the Caliope

Stu Les Lou

They’re moored across the harbour prior to leaving for the French waterways mid-week (not MRA) so we visited this morning and then got back to hear from Phil that 52 years ago today Radio Caroline launched – it just gave me an idea …

*(Stu played guitar and dobro in Reet Petite & Gone, Les got lots of gigs and then played with Stu in Hot Tamales)



It means windy weather, so it suits today, supposed to be the first day with a light evening – down here it was more like midnight around 7pm!

An hour later BBC4 screened The Brontes at the BBC. They used clips from versions back to the 1950s set in the context of documentary clips and a ‘pop’ soundtrack from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s etc.

And there – in the early 1960s – appeared Marion Knight and her mates on Hayling Island in an extract from Citizen 63. If you missed it, I guess it’s on IPlayer as well as being repeated at 1.50am (BST) Monday morning.



Waltzing with Janis

Country Joe and Janis Joplin had a relationship back in the SF days and he wrote this song about the two of them


There is a programme on BBC4 this evening about her (9pm). She was never one of my favourites, but the context was interesting so it might be worth checking.

Thinking about JJ led me to wonder about the ‘sacred cows’ of pop and rock that people don’t ‘get’. Two of my favourites are Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix but I often meet people who aren’t fond. A couple more I’ve never ‘got’: Led Zep and Johnny Cash (who just makes me feel miserable).

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Mr Greedy says:

Just got down to Pompey, having a drink in the Golden Eagle and see they have an electric 3-piece Blues Band on tonight 25th March at 9pm called Power of Three
I have told them several times to let you know for Pompeypop but to no avail which is a shame as most things I’ve seen here have been good. Anyway as I’m here I’ve done it myself!!!



“Let me tell you about EGYPT …”

(Coasters, Downliners Sect etc)


Just received this from Mick Cooper and it has been added to a small set of pix for pasting on the Guildhall corridor wall (probably next week)

Early 1970s I think – and I think they were: Derek Sommerville, Joe Jennings, Paul Ellis, Terry Burbridge and ???. Don’t know which is which. The young lady will now be somewhat middle-aged I guess but I hope she still smiles

Incidentally my sister lived in Egypt for years

But that’s got nothing to do with the photo … and anyway now she lives in Southsea

“Let me tell you people Little Egypt doesn’t dance there any more …”