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Is that the Gents over my left shoulder?




Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

7 thoughts on “Read All About It

  1. oooohhhhhh it takes a worried man to sing a worried song………..indeed that looks like the gents………without Mr Andrews !!!!

  2. Funny the wife’s favorite saying is age is just a number. Nice job Dave…. Front page news at last. Gotta love the “convenient” location Old Geezers Rule !!!

  3. Somebody (not me) posted this story on the Pompey Pop Facebook site and it led to a selection of terribly witty comments by various people. Since I have admin rights, I removed the post and sent this message to the guy who runs the site

    “I’ve just deleted the skiffle post. What we do with that group is very interesting and very honest. We’ve only ever played for free, mostly for charity, and we’ve given opportunities to a bunch of older people to play music and perform – in many cases for the first time in their lives. I’m not interested in that being the subject of a bunch of smart arse comments. As far as I’m concerned Pompey Pop should be about celebration. I read an interesting comment about cynicism this week. It provides you with armour and protects you against emotional risks. But it also stops you dancing or flying.”

    I think it’s sad – and I’m very glad that even when people on this Blog disagree over the years about the music of the ‘big boys’ it has always been respectful and celebratory of the local scene. I hope that continues – I’m very grateful for it.

  4. That guy was me and as I explained to Dave, no harm or cynicism was intended. I was playing with the title of the article “Age is just a number…The pensioners of the Southsea Skiffle Orchestra” I apologize if this was taken the wrong way. It often happens while using social media. One can easily read an imagined ulterior motive into an off the cuff quip. I try to maintain a thick skin and sense of humor when posting anything to the web. We are all indebted to Dave for his work on the history of Pompey music and I have nothing but respect for him and his endeavors……and they call me grumpy!!!!

  5. It wasn’t you Paul but I appreciate your comments. People started posting stuff like “Old Gits Rock” and “Geriatric Rock” which apart from anything else scores zero for imagination. In addition, while I might well be an old git and even geriatric, anyone who follows the blog knows I hate most ROCK music – (as opposed to rock & roll which is an entirely different matter) And you’re right – I was grumpy and thin skinned, maybe unnecessarily so, but I feel very protective towards some of those guys, who are new to all this.

  6. Well I was hoping to read the actual article but missed all of this having been out and about today. The whole social media thing seems to swing back and forth no matter what the topic. My feeling which seems to be borne out by the activities of the blogsters and indeed the Southsea Skiffle Orchestra is that unlike earlier generations that seemed to almost stop living when they hit specific ages, our generation sees no barriers (apart from the body bits that creak) and embraces new challenges and skills. I think that is what I see when I read that age is just a number. Mind you I do have days when I wonder what % of battery life I have remaining.
    Great Video and song by Tim McGraw (Yes I know.. its country music. but)…Its called Humble and kind

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