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There is some good stuff about


If Dylan/Newport and the route to arriving there is your thing then the Elijah Wald book is a cracker – lots of excellent historical and contextual info. The San Francisco is the latest in a long line of such accounts, I’ve probably read them all and this is very fine – loads of interviews including some of JR’s ‘tourists’ – I think we met Sarah Hill with Country Joe, Cardiff 2007, which is where she interviewed him. Again, if it’s your thing I recommend it highly

And the one in the middle? It’s the second edition. In the first one Pompey was represented by that silly tune by Mike Oldfield so I wrote to him about the birth of rock & roll in the city and there it is (below) in a two-page spread. Incidentally this autumn is the 60th anniversary so keep Monday 12 September in your diary to celebrate …

Rock Atlas NTR


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

One thought on “And more books …

  1. that’s the good stuff , and now the weird stuff……………….time MARCHes on !!!!!
    Whacky Wilson Week…..into the world dept……Wilson Pickett 18th March 1941 , gospel singer,atlantic /stax soul man
    B J Wilson 18th March 1947 ,drummer paramounts /procol harum
    Harold Wilson 11th March 1916 ,politician …quote “a week is a long time in politics ” ……………………………. (what a load of nonsense)
    And another snippet for you folks Some other ‘Wilsons’ released something called “surfin u s a” in early march 1963……………..I’m getting back in the box now !!!!

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