Waltzing with Janis


Country Joe and Janis Joplin had a relationship back in the SF days and he wrote this song about the two of them


There is a programme on BBC4 this evening about her (9pm). She was never one of my favourites, but the context was interesting so it might be worth checking.

Thinking about JJ led me to wonder about the ‘sacred cows’ of pop and rock that people don’t ‘get’. Two of my favourites are Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix but I often meet people who aren’t fond. A couple more I’ve never ‘got’: Led Zep and Johnny Cash (who just makes me feel miserable).


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

8 thoughts on “Waltzing with Janis

  1. Very Cute little song. Coupled with the still pictures and knowing the back story makes it an enjoyable tune. I don’t “Get” LZ either Johnny Cash represents the more classic Country Music which is okay in small doses. The more modern Country I love 80% of. As for the Bobster I love all of his songs but only when sung by other people with the exception of the Wilburys stuff. Hendrix I never got into but set to video of the Vietnam War seems to align perfectly. Guess I never was one for the long introverted guitar solo work preferring my music to have a format and tell a story which makes the CJ Fish song enjoyable to me. I wonder if it is because I like the guitars to supplement the vocals rather than the other way round.

  2. Love Bob (as you know…) and Jimi! I’ve seriously got into the later johnny Cash stuff, the rick Rubin produced albums just before he died. I don’t “get” jazz unless I have a point of reference, i.e some of Zappa’s stuff and some classic blues. . Likewise classical music – mr. Z points the only way I’d go with that genre too . , and what’s all the fuss about Jeff Buckley and Joanne Newsome? Or Bjork? O.K – all you Johnny Cash naysayers, tell me what you think of this!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQcNiD0Z3MU

  3. Easy JR – his voice. For me it just groans on – although you did pick a topical title for today. But I’d do the same thing to you with jazz. It’s just a matter of taste and this ain’t mine.

  4. Hmm nice girl………….J E F……Janis Eddy Fink……65 yrs old next week , if I’m not mistook…….I just love havin a moment or three with
    Jesse from the Stars album circa 1974

  5. Lets hear it for the girls……First bit of music selected for a.m. easter Saturday ….it is indeed ‘the finkster’ …,as she was my last post….round two probably Bonnie Raitt…………..round three could be Amy W ……round four’ll have to be last years Womad favourite
    Ester Rada……………………Looks like it may be raining soon, so I wont need a ‘garden’ excuse….
    Whatever you get up to…..Happy Easter

  6. Happy Easter to you Phil and to all the bloggers

  7. And to you Pete, cheers!

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