47 Years gone


Almost exactly tomorrow this one (30 March 1969) – courtesy of Rikki Farr

Do you remember it? I was there, so too I think Messrs Mook and Tench. Mr Kirk was fascinating. (Thanks to JonWebster for sending it)



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

11 thoughts on “47 Years gone

  1. We actually got a box!!

  2. I was in the “gods” (cheap seats) ! The most memorable thing about being up high (no pun intended), was being aware of this huge cloud of smoke hovering over the auditorium courtesy of certain folk smoking their various “quid deals”…an addictive afternoon indeed…
    Musicwise, Soft Machine were a bit OTT for me, experimenting with different sounds, weird chord changes, it was a bit too much for my tender lugholes I’m afraid! Roland Kirk, what can I say, superb muso, leaning up against the piano with 3 (?) reed instruments in his moth blowing them all at the same time, musical content was too much for me but it was quite something to watch.
    Did anyone go to see the sitar, table Krishna band, the name escapes me but it was definitely mesmerising in a strange sort of way. I can’t remember who else was on the bill, I seem to remember the theme of these Sunday afternoons being Rock versus Jazz ?

    • It was Indo Jazz Fusions with Joe Harriott and John Mayer and that’s right Rod – the other act was Family. It was definitely evening stuff but OWN UP – who was making all that smoke?

      Does anyone else recall Charles Lloyd – I can’t believe I missed that. Was it another Rikki at the King’s gig?

  3. Have just noticed the poster saying it was a 7.30pm start, I was sure some of these concerts were in the afternoon or perhaps the cloud of smoke got to me…??

  4. Brilliant concert and how fortunate we all were to be able to see him on our own doorstep, so to speak.
    Pretty sure Charles Lloyd appeared there around the same time.

  5. Remember it well. Thing that sticks in my mind was that it was the first time I ever saw a saxophonist do that circular breathing thaang. Remember Roland Kirk holding the same note without a break for about 5 minutes!!

  6. I couldn’t believe that I saw one of my all time jazz icons in Albert Road !! And at VERY affordable prices ! We were privileged to see wonderful artistes of all genres for at prices that were accessible to us !!
    Compared to the prices demanded for stadia performances nowadays we were so, so lucky.

  7. That’s right Oscar. In the 1960s around Pompey I saw Joe Harriott (with IJF and separately with a quartet), Alan Haven & Tony Crombie, Duke Ellington, the MJQ, Phil Seaman – and then Miles Davis at the IOW. I missed Miles, Ella, Sarah Vaughan, Oscar Petersen and Louis Armstrong at the Guildhall (etc). Wonderful – almost hard to imagine!

  8. I was there too. Roland Kirk was great – I remember the way he talked to his helper, whom he addressed as ‘Stagehand’, with an emphasis on the second syllable. The Soft Machine bored me stiff, but I didn’t like to admit it.

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