Off to Hartlepool?

It’s where Pompey are playing tomorrow but I ask because it is apparently the BEST place in England to park a car. The three worst places are all in London followed by Watford, Slough, Broxbourne (I don’t know either) and in SEVENTH place Pompey

There’s a surprise

The previous post started to discuss the late Tammi Terrell. In The Times today there is a report from Caitlin Moran about all the recent celeb deaths and this rather nice reaction from Chas of Chas & Dave:

“Now and again, not every day, but now and again, when you see those ‘All-Day Breakfast’ signs, go in and have one”

Sound advice mate – you know it makes sense.



The Quiet Zone

Well not exactly but I’m about to be without computers for a couple of days while a new one gets sorted out. I can still post Comments but not actual new Posts, so anything I discover for a couple of days will be a Comment on here.

Incidentally it appears I’m now back on Facebook (?) so the good news is I can post stuff on the Skiffle page. The rest of it ….


Free at last!

I’m about to update my computer for a new one and I’ve just cleared my on-line history, one of the consequences of which is that for whatever reason I’m no longer a member (let alone one of the ‘bosses’) of the Pompeypop and Skiffle Facebook sites. Frankly I don’t care much – I pretty much loathe Facebook and regret ever joining it, but it does mean there won’t be any more contributions on those sites from me.

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Busy Weekend

On my way to Fratton Park on Saturday I spotted this fast food outlet. The hang of the wire and its shadow made me look twice!


At the ground I signed my short-term contract with Chairman Ian McInnes as cover for the Play Offs before being paraded with the Fratton End in the background (who the f***ing,who the f***ing, who the f***ing hell is that,who the f***ing hell is that?)

Ian & Dave

Then on Sunday, a first gig for my new band

Brad, Dave, Joe

We’re a tribute act called ‘Fake Twat’ and here I’m taking lead vocal on “Watch Your Back”

If you’re wondering why I’m suddenly so busy, well it’s been a tough few months for some of us:

Sunday Times


Anniversary Blues

(and Jazz)

Phil’s good on anniversaries generally but this week is rather remarkable in terms of some of my great favourites:

Monday: Ella Fitzgerald born 1917, Albert King born 1923

Tuesday: Ma Rainey born 1886, Count Basie died 1984

Thursday: Charley Patton died 1934

Friday: Duke Ellington born 1899, Otis Rush born 1935

Saturday: Muddy Waters died 1983

And back to Monday for the less well-known but very fine Johnny Shines, born 1915 … and here with Walter Horton just as the sun goes down






Sam E, Dave A, Keith S

A close up of the three guys on the left in the photo below – the first time all three of us from Harlem Speakeasy have met together since late 1968. Left to right: Sam Eddings (drums), yours truly (this-and-that) and Keith Shilcock (bass guitar then guitar). Keith later played with Phil in Image and since then has always been a pro musician, not least in the bands working with visiting American soul/funk acts. He’s back living down this way now. Sam became a helicopter pilot and now trains others to do the same.

They played one side of our one one record in the service:

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In Dreams

Geoff Funeral

I’ve been to Bournemouth today to bid a final farewell to Geoff Gunson who was the bass guitarist in Harlem Speakeasy in 1968 when we had our slight brush with fame and fortune (both eventually elusive). This is Geoff from a little after those days, I think on the Isle of Wight when he played in a band called Horse.

Geoff Gunson


Prince RIP

As far as I’m aware he had no direct connection with Pompey but I guess a lot of local people admired his work. He was a real star in every sense and he died today while still relatively young.