Off to Hartlepool?

It’s where Pompey are playing tomorrow but I ask because it is apparently the BEST place in England to park a car. The three worst places are all in London followed by Watford, Slough, Broxbourne (I don’t know either) and in SEVENTH place Pompey

There’s a surprise

The previous post started to discuss the late Tammi Terrell. In The Times today there is a report from Caitlin Moran about all the recent celeb deaths and this rather nice reaction from Chas of Chas & Dave:

“Now and again, not every day, but now and again, when you see those ‘All-Day Breakfast’ signs, go in and have one”

Sound advice mate – you know it makes sense.




The Mentor

From one ‘skiffler’ in memory of a much bigger one – Happy ‘Birthday’ Lonnie! (Wot no washboard?)


The Quiet Zone

Well not exactly but I’m about to be without computers for a couple of days while a new one gets sorted out. I can still post Comments but not actual new Posts, so anything I discover for a couple of days will be a Comment on here.

Incidentally it appears I’m now back on Facebook (?) so the good news is I can post stuff on the Skiffle page. The rest of it ….


Free at last!

I’m about to update my computer for a new one and I’ve just cleared my on-line history, one of the consequences of which is that for whatever reason I’m no longer a member (let alone one of the ‘bosses’) of the Pompeypop and Skiffle Facebook sites. Frankly I don’t care much – I pretty much loathe Facebook and regret ever joining it, but it does mean there won’t be any more contributions on those sites from me.

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Busy Weekend

On my way to Fratton Park on Saturday I spotted this fast food outlet. The hang of the wire and its shadow made me look twice!


At the ground I signed my short-term contract with Chairman Ian McInnes as cover for the Play Offs before being paraded with the Fratton End in the background (who the f***ing,who the f***ing, who the f***ing hell is that,who the f***ing hell is that?)

Ian & Dave

Then on Sunday, a first gig for my new band

Brad, Dave, Joe

We’re a tribute act called ‘Fake Twat’ and here I’m taking lead vocal on “Watch Your Back”

If you’re wondering why I’m suddenly so busy, well it’s been a tough few months for some of us:

Sunday Times


Anniversary Blues

(and Jazz)

Phil’s good on anniversaries generally but this week is rather remarkable in terms of some of my great favourites:

Monday: Ella Fitzgerald born 1917, Albert King born 1923

Tuesday: Ma Rainey born 1886, Count Basie died 1984

Thursday: Charley Patton died 1934

Friday: Duke Ellington born 1899, Otis Rush born 1935

Saturday: Muddy Waters died 1983

And back to Monday for the less well-known but very fine Johnny Shines, born 1915 … and here with Walter Horton just as the sun goes down






Sam E, Dave A, Keith S

A close up of the three guys on the left in the photo below – the first time all three of us from Harlem Speakeasy have met together since late 1968. Left to right: Sam Eddings (drums), yours truly (this-and-that) and Keith Shilcock (bass guitar then guitar). Keith later played with Phil in Image and since then has always been a pro musician, not least in the bands working with visiting American soul/funk acts. He’s back living down this way now. Sam became a helicopter pilot and now trains others to do the same.

They played one side of our one one record in the service: