One for Lenny


It’s a bit of an ‘in joke’ but I thought you guys might be impressed by me in my ‘posh’ frock, off to a dinner in St John’s Wood all about cr…… (ok I won’t even mention it)

Me Wisden MCC 4 2016




Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

10 thoughts on “One for Lenny

  1. Double O sixty seven. Have a nice evening

  2. Nights in black satin?

  3. Bloody Hell. Very nice Dave I am sure you will “Bowl” them “Over”

  4. See and did not even mention the word cric…….
    Now what is missing here is a lengthy dollop of text from our fashion expert in Buckland

  5. I can imagine a little caption balloon coming from your mouth saying “Vee will ask zee questions” or ” Listen carefully, I will only say this once ” !!
    Seriously (!!), very dapper Dave, as I always say, it’s harder to dress up than dress down and you’ve carried it off extremely well…enjoy your night !

  6. FROM THE TRIVIAL INFORMATION DESK………………….If its your birthday today , you share it with..
    BESSIE SMITH………..who would be 122…. and
    DAVE EDMUNDS…….who is 72…
    I think I need coffee !!!!!

  7. double yellow lines Dave…don’t stand there for too long, you’ll get knicked !!!!!

  8. Ooh la la, Dr. Allen! Should have been there with my camera too.

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