Anniversary Blues


(and Jazz)

Phil’s good on anniversaries generally but this week is rather remarkable in terms of some of my great favourites:

Monday: Ella Fitzgerald born 1917, Albert King born 1923

Tuesday: Ma Rainey born 1886, Count Basie died 1984

Thursday: Charley Patton died 1934

Friday: Duke Ellington born 1899, Otis Rush born 1935

Saturday: Muddy Waters died 1983

And back to Monday for the less well-known but very fine Johnny Shines, born 1915 … and here with Walter Horton just as the sun goes down





Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “Anniversary Blues

  1. Johnny Shines is up there with my all time favourites, as is Otis Rush. As regards all the people on your posting, I love them all. Especially Muddy Waters!!

  2. Some other events that happened this week:
    25th April – Heartbreak Hotel hits the number one spot on Billboard (1956)
    26th April – Chernobyl disaster (1986)
    27th April – film White Christmas opens in New York (1954)
    28th April – Pennsylvania 6 – 5,000 by Glenn Miller recorded (1940)
    29th April – William & Kate tied the knot (2011)

  3. Phil has ‘kind of’ beaten me to it with this one. Tomorrow, 26 April 1956, exactly 60 years ago, is the day that “Heartbreak Hotel” was released in the UK – it entered the British charts two weeks later. I was going to suggest tomorrow that it’s the anniversary of the single most important day/event in the history of UK popular music … (?)

  4. Born today in1923 , a rather talented left handed ‘right hooker’ ,Albert King………he made it to 69 (my favourite #)……Guest appearance at his funeral procession of the wonderful ‘Memphis Horns’ playing When the Saints go marching in…….brilliant….from the tube, I selected this with Dr Dave in mind.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gopiZc1F_Yk
    I would like to suggest that one of the biggest (and perhaps funniest happenings for 26th april celebrations might be the day that Rod Stewart was forced to hand over his Porsche at gunpoint in U S A in1982……….A handbags and gladrags kind of day eh !!

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