I was so much braver then


Sunday 1 May 1966. On Saturday night I gave the Birdcage a miss again – Cliff Bennett & the Rebel Rousers, following the James Royal Set on Friday. There were Records on Sunday but I went off with a bunch of mates to spend the first day of the new month on Hayling beach – and I went for a swim. Can you imagine a sea swim today? The weather that weekend (not in those days a Bank Holiday) I recorded as “sunny and hot”!

“Shotgun Wedding” headed the Record Mirror’s R&B charts and among the rarities were Garnet Mimms’ “I’ll take good care of you”, “Tired of being lonely” by the Sharpees, Jimmy Smith’s version of “Mojo”, and another instrumental cover, “In the Midnight Hour” by Little Mac & the Boss.

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

4 thoughts on “I was so much braver then

  1. MAYDAY MAYDAY………………My booking book for 1st May in the year of ’66 shows Soul Soc back at the very pleasurable Leigh Park Community Centre with Meteors U K, and it seems that someone was lucky on the 6th…apparently it was a gig at the Parlour,where I was first prize in a raffle……lucky winner eh..

  2. Sunny Sunday Quiz Time………………connection between Keith Mansfield , Quentin Tarantino , and James Royal (ref above post)
    answers on a postcard please….

  3. I can remember bunking off Highbury Technical College for an afternoon amongst the sand dunes ( who stole the sand? !!) near the ferry . Roy T Hammond’s Shotgun Wedding was swimming around my brain ! I think the popular chart hits were Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s ‘ Something Stupid’ and also Nancy’s solo hit ‘These Boots Were Mad For Walking’.
    During the height of the ‘mods and rockers’ hysteria I can recall being in a queue at least half a mile long -yes half a mile !- to get on the Hayling ferry. ( there were two boats running then, a lot larger – and very overloaded- than in latter days) . There was a strong police pres

  4. Wrong button !!! …police presence , checking the queue for knives etc . , We just used to have a happy, exciting time. ‘To see and be seen’ !!
    Back to Roy C, I think he bridged the gap between the soul that we loved at the ‘Cage and the popular chart music.

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