Thursday night delight

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I might have mentioned that I’m no great fan of British blues rock (that’s ‘blues’ ROCK) but I agree with Spider Man about this week. I haven’t heard PL for some years but if he’s up to scratch it really should be a good night

“This Thursday (5th May) at The Dockyard Club is the real deal for blues lovers when The Bullfrog Blues Club present Paul Lamb and The Kingsnakes. 

They’re acknowledged globally as being amongst the very finest purveyors of Rhythm & Blues. It didn’t happen suddenly……..almost three decades and over 14 albums later Paul Lamb & the King Snakes continue to entertain their growing army of fans.
 Paul Lamb has spent the last thirty-some years whoopin’ and hollerin’ in clubs, in concert and on festival stages, creating a personal synthesis of his harmonica heroes and his own unique and innate talent. His history includes representing Britain in the World Harmonica Championships, working with his particular mentor, Sonny Terry, and with any number of other blues artists who’ve visited these shores.
 Over the years Paul Lamb & the King Snakes have won countless awards , sold record breaking quantities of albums and been inducted into the British Blues Awards Hall of Fame alongside Peter Green & John Mayall.
It’s been a while since the band played The Bullfrog – many years ago on South Parade Pier – and we’re delighted to have them at The Dockyard Club for the first time!”

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

One thought on “Thursday night delight

  1. A major name in the English blues scene for more than one decade. Yet again another great name to add to the quality performers that have appeared at the Bullfrog Blues Club at it’s various venues. The Dockyard Club is a very comfortable venue and long may it continue.
    Great work by JR and Andy Broad, not to mention the good work put in by people such as John Roux who keep the club going.

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