Birdcage weekend


Saturday 14 May 1966 was a lively one with Birdcage favourites Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds playing an all-nighter. However, that was it for the week, with nothing on Thursday, Friday or Sunday afternoon. That would be the pattern for the next three weekends, after which the club shut down for a month for a ‘refit’.

On Friday 13th (1966) I left my bag on the bus and had to travel to Eastney depot to retrieve it.

Jerry Butler’s “Just for You” entered the R&B charts – I love Jerry Butler – along with Percy Sledge’s biggie. “Shotgun Wedding” was still number one.


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

21 thoughts on “Birdcage weekend

  1. And in a sad reflection on how things are 50 years on. I am sure anything you left on a bus today would be gone by the next bus stop.

    • That’s a rather reactionary comment Pete !
      I left something on a London bus the other month ,filled in an online form regarding route,time and journey and had my property returned with in 2 weeks!
      Your press is probably as scaremongering as ours but if you believe all this ‘better 50 years ago ‘bullshit then it’s clearer to me why a bumpy like Trump has got so much support!!!

      • Sorry that is Numpty not bumpy!
        And while I’m at it if you had proper gun laws over there ,maybe people wouldn’t be so fucking paranoid!

  2. I’m not sure about the USA Pete but we old buggers get free bus passes and I use mine loads around Pompey and especially in London. Go all over the place!

  3. Nah Dave no free ride here. Where I live we are just starting to get a bus service and that seems to be expanding quite a bit. Lots of students seem to use it and they have Bike racks on the front. Just a different mindset here that seems to be auto based and old farts have to keep driving forever so we get a lot of age related crazy stuff like stepping on the gas instead of the brake and ploughing into store fronts. We just don’t have the infrastructure in our area for public transport. Unless you live in a retirement home then they bus you to the mall wheelchairs and all. Mr. G. Yep it’s hard to get any realism from the press in any country. I usually use the BBC web for news about the USA since one hopes it is a little less biased but not sure about the BBC UK reporting on that site. If I go by that the UK is in the middle of a crisis of gun and knife related crimes so I don’t believe much I read anymore. (Except for Pompey Pop of course LOL). The local news here seems to be all shootings mainly in Orlando and of course the Trump/Clinton BS. Not sure what a “Numpty” is either. It’s going to be interesting the debates should be totally worthless but will make money for the tabloids. I won’t debate the gun laws, too polarizing and the wrong forum except to say I collect, restore and shoot mainly Victorian, WW1, WW2 Rifles. Very therapeutic messing around trying to recall Metal shop and woodworking techniques. Don’t enjoy shooting the new stuff like the “gasp” AR-15 although I do have one. Nothing like an 1887 Martini Henry with Sword bayonet attached comes to 6 foot long of fine British workmanship. “They don’t like it up ’em you know” LOL

    • Numpty is just Scottish slang for stupid person but seems to convey that sentiment in adelughtfully colourful way!!

      • Aah got it. Like I said it is going to be interesting, The feeling is we will have rioting no matter who get elected. There is no doubt the average person (who works and pays taxes) has had enough of the Political Correctness and the give away programs and of course the “Undocumented Aliens” who get better treatment than citizens. Donald is crass and acts like a clown but again the press take only the sound bites they want. He can’t be totally stupid though since he seems to be able to pull off some pretty good deals. His biggest appeal is that he is not “owned” by any special interest groups and PACs. Side note I am watching the “Brexit” debate. That should be an interesting time over there. Meantime thank god for music. “Pick up my guitar and play..just like yesterday”…….

      • All this talk of undocumented aliens and political correctness sounds exactly like the rantings of the British Right wing press who incidentally are pro Brexit because of their inherent fear of all things non Anglo Saxon
        They blame every problem on immigrants instead of the International Corporations who are the real enemy
        And as for Trump doing good deals ,correct me if I’m wrong but since he inherited from his father hasn’t he actually failed in a lot of his business dealings!

  4. So here is an interesting question. What is the position of the BBC ? Are they staying neutral or leaning left or right? Sitting over here they seem to be covering both sides from what I can see. Certainly the standard of living in the UK seems pretty good for the average person so has that been attributed to being in the EU? Life sure has evolved since Dave left his bag (now c;mon Dave was that a Satchel) on the bus. Was it better 50 years ago?. Well at least I did not have to try and remember all these friggin passwords. Enjoy your weekend Mr.G.

  5. I’ve checked. My local Conservative MP confirms that the BBC is biased in favour of the left, UKIP & BREXIT are outraged by the BBC’s support for Europe, Corbyn and his mates think the BBC should stop talking down his plans, the STAY-IN lot reckon the BBC is giving too much airtime to Boris, the Scots are convinced it was the BBC which swung the Independence debate and the Lib Dems and Greens want to know why they’re being ignored (again).

    Otherwise everyone’s happy with the BBC, especially for showing tonight’s Eurovision song contest. Compared with Chris Farlowe & the Thunderbirds (all nighter) of 1966 that confirms that 2016 is far superior to fifty years ago. And no Pete, not a satchel – far more important than that: I was on my way to the Hilsea playing fields with a bag full of cricket kit!

  6. Cricket Kit…Dave I should have guessed. And there was me with visions of you chasing the bus to rescue your homework LOL.

  7. Homework Pete? No time for homework in the summer, what with the Birdcage and the cricket!

  8. bugger the Eurovision dong fiasco…..I spent a non political ,bus pass free chilled evening , wining and watching The Shadows last tour , and then over to 4 , for Blues at the BBC , with the missus……………classic entertainment for the ‘old folks’….(Foot Tapper…oh yeh !!)………..

  9. Spent a nice evening watching Foyles War on Netflix. Love that show.

    • Me too Pete! Seen the lot. Do you think we’re getting old and nostalgic?

      • Not so much that Dave as really enjoying the first class scenery and overall production. Some of the later ones also seem to throw light on that immediate post war era. Gives some insight into what our parents lived through. Great acting as well. Love the way they weave in the odd real life event into the screenplay. I guess production costs must have been horrendous due to the detail. There is still an element of the thinking mans show to it as well.

  10. Hilsea Playing Fields (see above) should read The Elite Toffs Playing Area with tea supplied by Matron with Mellers cleaning and licking their boots whilst polishing the “Montgomery visited us here” plaque on the pavilion wall- on his way he sped through Buckland I understand

  11. Rod I think it’s your turn to buy the Popcorn as we sit back and enjoy the show.

  12. If Monty had wound down his army window and greeted the locals in his plummy voice driving through Buckland he would have had short shrift from the common people eating their six penneth of fish shop scraps whilst enjoying a posh bloke learning to play the piano in Bennetts piano shop in Kingston Road-“Whar is Hilsea common person?” “Toffs playing fields and all that” whilst we dismantled his hub caps- “We had that Dave Allen round`ere the uver day Corporal- sent `im on his way” “Heard ee was formin a band but they were worriers” “called `emselves The Prevention” “why was they worried dear boy?” asked Private Montgomery “”well they wanted to be better than the Cure” (early Tony Blackburn was part of me even then!!)

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