Too Smart


For my own good

Mind you, where’s Spider Man when you need him?

Working backwards, I’m still waiting for JR to remind us about Guy Clark in Pompey but I’m sure he did come – maybe more than once.

Then there was Tuesday

Firstly I’d like to stress that my lived experience around Pompey in the 1960s was much like ‘Oscar’s’. It was a nightmare wearing Posh Pompey Grammar uniform although the only time I was near Buckland was going through on my bike at a rate of knots, on the way to playing rugger/cricket and enjoying matron’s teas at Hilsea .

So there’s that lovely old DJ taking the piss once more on the morning when I’m trying to think of an imaginative response to an event which has assumed legendary status over exactly 50 years, where a bloke in the crowd shouts out a term of abuse and a famous musician replies “I don’t believe you … (etc)”. It was the 50th anniversary on Tuesday and I thought I was being so clever turning it into a Pompey story but as I said at the top – “too clever for my own good”

Spider Man would have got it but he’s probably on a week-long pilgrimage to Manchester to mark the original event.



Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

5 thoughts on “Too Smart

  1. “Judas” he cried…Except a couple of people claim to have said it. Now I am not a fan but I do read the BBC WEb News. Good topic for the blog…Tales of the abuse we have had shouted at us while on stage…..Get on your bike and ride Dave

  2. He should have been used to it by now – Newport ’65 etc..


  3. Well you were half right! Yes, I was at the 50th Anniversary of the “Judas” shout -CP Lee (Albertos Lost Trios Paranoias) organised a fabulous night of music – the whole of the set list fr Bobs 66 gig in order by different bands in different styles, with DJ Andy Kershaw as MC and performer. And when the moment of the Judas shout? Wow! So…. Guy Clark? I don’t think he ever played Pompey. I certainly never booked him. I did book Terry Allen – maybe that was the confusion?????

  4. Cheers JR and apologies everyone for mis-remembering that. It wasn’t Terry Allen – I know about him, RP&G used to do one of his songs. Who can it have been? Someone at the Pier from America – not one of the SF fraternity – maybe I’ll never remember!

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