Who Are You?


50 years ago the Birdcage was only open on Saturday for an all-nighter with the Action. Then it closed completely for five weeks, re-opening in July with …

The Action

I spent Friday evening (27th) with some mates in Gosport watching a group called The In-Pulse. I probably wore some new trousers purchased that day from Squires but no details of what or how much. I was doing my ‘O’ levels so not going into school and I’d just started a job selling the Evening News on Southsea Seafront (by the Rock Gardens).

So who were the In-Pulse? There’s nothing about them in those books by Mick Cooper and Dave Allen (hopeless!)

It was of course the Whit Bank Holiday as now, although the August BH was in those days the first weekend of that month and neither New Year’s Day nor May Day were then ‘days off’ (came in the 1970s).


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

3 thoughts on “Who Are You?

  1. In-pulse-possibly a Nick Hug band ?

    • Yes, that would make sense. It would have been with my school pals Keith Shilcock and Geoff Gunson who I played with in Harlem Speakeasy. Cheers Phil.

  2. Going back to the last post, I bought a Linear Conchord from Technical Trading,almost opposite The Museum Gardens and old cop shop. Marc Tud will remember me bending over to adjust the volume at Hilside Youth club.One of my bass strings went through the ventilation holes. Crash Bang Wotsit. After flashes,bangs and a blackened guitar I was still alive.(bad thing some would say).Must look at that google image.It might give me flash backs! As for the lovely Bob,even on the same song he can confuse us.The sublime “Forever Young” Planet waves slow version will always be afavourite,while another version by Bob had me chopping cables with an axe(or was that Pete Seeger?) I used to frequent the Winchester some years back and it was like Arfur Daley’s local. Much different these days I’m sure

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