Last Night


But in 1966 – two rather special things. I went to Broderick Hall in Gosport wherever that is, where I sang with a full electric band for the first time. I think I sang “Got My Mojo Working”. It didn’t lead to much – I was with my pal guitarist Pete Gurd and we went back to doing some stuff as a duo for a little while although maybe this was the genesis of Harlem Speakeasy. I’m not sure, but he was in it at the start.

Then in the evening I came back to Pompey and met up with my mate Brian Jones. His dad Vic used to encourage us to listen to jazz, and that evening – Sunday 5 June 1966 – we went to the Cambridge (back of Handleys) and saw the great British/Jamaican saxophonist Joe Harriott. He fronted a typical quartet I think, but I know no more about it. He came back to Pompey three years later for one of those nights at the King’s with Indo-Jazz Fusions.

monkey 2

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5 thoughts on “Last Night

  1. Just thought I’d throw an odd fact in here…….LAST NIGHT…the early Stax records release by the ‘house band’ The Mar Keys’ had apparently had the first sixteen bars of the tune erased from the would be master ,while it was being ‘treated’ in Nashville with what they called ‘german echo’……There was a frantic digging through the trash to find some similar sounding cuts that were eventually spliced back onto the master……………..Satellite Records # 2 record on Billboard charts in 1961 wasn’t a bad result eh .!!!!

  2. Broderick Hall was just round the corner from the church in Alverstoke, and backed onto Alver Creek. Have no idea if it’s still there.

  3. STILL ROLLING………………7TH JUNE.1964…..SAN ANTONIO …TEXAS…..Double Bill…..The Rolling Stones supported by The Monkeys ………. ..A troupe of performing monkeys that were the warm up act to The Stones , were brought back on stage when Mick jagger and co were booed off … ???????


  4. Were the Monkeys brought by Mickey ‘Circus Boy’ Dolenz?

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