Henry McCullough RIP


Best known as a member of the Grease Band and Wings but spent some time in Pompey as Lenny recalls:

“Brings back memories of sitting in the Portland having a jolly good time with Pete Lush, “Blue Weaver” and Henry McCullough – when Pete had them “working” on his LP”

‘Honk! Honk!’




Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Henry McCullough RIP

  1. Pete somehow inveigled me into helping in his efforts to become a pop star and therefore I spent a bit of time with Henry who was if I remember rightly staying at Chez Lush whilst in Portsmouth .AsLenny says he spent a fair bit of time in the Portland telling rock star stories of lost weekends in NY hotels with Janis Joplin etc!!
    This would have been around 1979/80 and was all very Rock n Roll and I fear very expensive for Pete who if I remember rightly wrote a song at the time called ‘I’ve done my bollocks again’ !!!

    • That expression is most definitely from the mouth of my father! I’ll attempt to dig out some pics, there may be some… 🙂

  2. Very sad….. the only Irishman who played Woodstock! With Joe Cocker, of course. There’s a signed photo of Henry at “The Back Room At The Green Hotel” in Kinross – with his words “Don’t ask – I don’t remember fuck all about it!”
    My friend Sam R Gibson, a good friend of Henry, wrote this fine tribute to Henry – Sam played it for him on his deathbed….

  3. Closer to home, some of you may not have heard that a great character of the Portsmouth music scene, Greg Watkins, died on Tuesday. He always took life to the absolute max, and it sounds like that may have hastened his sad demise – I understand that his cause of death was cirrhosis of the liver.
    He was one of the great musicians on the Pompey scene -a brilliant guitarist and keyboard player and a true “barefoot troubadour” (he very seldom wore ’em.)
    Greg was also responsible for the publication of “Venue” magazine. The “Venue” was a great gig listings magazine, which unlike most of these type of publications these days actually had articles and reviews in each edition.. RIP Greg….

  4. I remember him well JR. Very sorry to hear that but thanks for letting us know. RIP

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