Imagine you threw a party


and no one came

I was involved in an event at the Guildhall yesterday lunchtime. The focus was on experimental/electronic music. I was to run a ‘conversation’ about Pompey’s Musical Heritage’ but up-front, John Adams set up a range of equipment, synths, moogs even a theremin. There were opportunities to participate and to hear John talk about his work.

So John and I were there of course and a couple of volunteers from Portsmouth Festivities who were hosting the event.

Which was free

But no one came

So I went home


Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

15 thoughts on “Imagine you threw a party

  1. Who was responsible for promotion and publicity?
    I hope it’s not someone on a good salary at the council !
    I’m free and available by the way!

  2. I was going to say the same as the first line in the above comment. Personally I had absolutely no idea that this event was being held.

  3. It’s in the programme for the Portsmouth Festivities – it seems that wasn’t sufficient. The News has previewed lots of PF events but never mentioned this one as far as I’m aware. I’m trying again today (Skiffle, Menhuin Room, Library at 11.30) Same umbrella event (PF), same programme – but might work better as the Southsea Skiffle Orchestra have been publicising it. I’ll report back. People like Mr G, Spider Man (JR) etc will have experiences and views on getting Pompey punters to events. Fratton Park knows the trick!

    • I was at the Edge of the Wedge on Saturday evening that had 4 local bands on including Emptifish on their return
      So there were a lot of local musicians appearing and also in the audience-ie an ideal place to chat and flyer this event!
      I know you are a bit averse Dave but also an ideal use of Facebook !

  4. So sorry Dave. Was it raining? You did mention it on here, and this has rather a lot of readers.

    I once went to Kimbells to see Chris Farlow. Me, John, and about 11 other people turned up. That had posters all over town, plus ads in the News. Sometimes, sometimes………..

    I once put Gino Washington and the Ram Jam band on at the Savoy – Luckily only on 50 pc of the door. It rained hugely and only about 97 people came. That’s why I asked about the rain. He, incidentally, was very nice about it.

  5. Have to say I don’t have a programme for the Portsmouth Festivities and I haven’t seen one anywhere. I don’t buy the News because I can get news online free! I agree with Facebook – it works, whether you like it or not. It was Fathers’ Day, of course, so a family day.

  6. I enjoy electronica, especially minimalist music. but I don’t like minimalist audiences…

  7. I was just asked to turn up and chat not actually involved in the planning, publicising etc, and I figured since it was part of a bigger umbrella event people might know of it. Obviously not. On the whole I’m OK with Facebook as a means of publicising events – we use it for the Southsea Skiffle Orchestra. But when someone has the urge to let me know about the cake they’re eating, their new dog or a night out with the ‘girls’ in Tiger Tiger, count me out!

  8. You just have to ignore the silly banal Facebook posts. I love it because I have friends who are fellow writers and photographers, all over the world plus a few local ones, and some family members (notably Polly now). A good source of news too. I saw a post on there about My Dog Sighs creating street art on Marketway to coincide with John Cooper Clark’s appearance, otherwise I wouldn’t have known anything about Portsmouth Festivities.

    • Well Dave, the wife and I and 2 grandsons turned up today to visit the access all area and were blocked at the entrance by some officious bugger who told us is was closed for the next week and a half due to the festivities. Shame as we had hoped to see it while we are over.

  9. I’m sorry to hear that Pete. I’m afraid it’s almost entirely a consequence of this f***ing Referendum. I arrived yesterday with a car full of stuff to take to the Skiffle do in the Library (moved there from the Guildhall) only to find there were no parking spaces. Because of preparations for the vote, they had to move a kid’s event called Rock Challenge and then there’s all the University Graduation days to follow and apparently everything else has to shut down. I’d have thought it would be great for teenage schoolkids doing something called Rock Challenge to have access to the Exhibition and get some sense of where their heritage lies but apparently not.

  10. Pete……Are you still around the area ???? I’ll give you guys a dedicated tour…….They do this closed thing ,because we are not there everyday ,and when there is a chance of breakage /nickage / and stooped commentage in the book , we would rather avoid it…
    give me a call my friend ,and we’ll see what can be sorted…….02392 649358

    • Well thanks Phil. will do. We are heading to the IOW tomorrow but will be local on Friday then off down to Devon for next week. Let me check with the good lady on plans and give you a call. Thanks Pete

    • Wow Special Thanks to Phil and Nigel for the special guided tour today. The family was very impressed. I must say that the exhibit has expanded beyond all belief since my visit a year ago. Just a super experience.. Thanks Phil for the survival rations. It was a long walk through the pouring rain to the cascades where we had parked. So far it has rained every day since we arrived. Hoping it will dry up soon. Again thank you all for the work you all do.

      • Anglo American Relations a speciality my friend…..Great to see y’all….enjoy the rest of the vacation and bon voyage from the non Europeans !!!!

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