I don’t envy anyone all that mud and I’m always wary of too many white blokes with guitars playing rock without roll, but the TV broadcasts are a good chance to check out stuff I wouldn’t hear otherwise. Tonight there was a bit about the town of Glastonbury which MRA and I are very fond of, plus nice reggae from Protoje, French electro chick Christine & the Queens (very interesting) and bloody hell!! Ronnie Spector singing “Be My Baby” bless her. Muse don’t amuse me, so having spent much of last night/this morning staring at the TV, it’s time for a kip. Are you watching?

Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

7 thoughts on “Glastonbury

  1. I’m watching Underworld at the moment. They’re OK, but very ‘manufactured’ ! I saw Muse at the Wedgewood Rooms many years ago. Coldplay were the support band ! The next time I saw them was at the Pyramids when they were supporting…..Coldplay !!! Funny old world !!

  2. Rumour has it , the Eavis family are planning a permanent move to Longleat,with a trial run on the next grass rest year.I reckon they will have sections of chainl link fence ,and charge the public to look at the antics of the festival goers.Hope no kids fall in they would have to shoot the lot of them.
    Anyway Animals top billing. support the Monkeys.and the lion definitely won’t sleep tonight.

  3. See You Later Alligator

  4. On this Blog, 26 January 2015 (check it) St Paul & the Broken Bones. Just caught them at Glastonbury on Saturday night. Lovely English soul band. Enjoyed Baaba Maal earlier and some band called 1975 – probably named after the year that Hampshire won the Sunday League, but didn’t play in Pompey because the trees got blown over, exposing the trains moving along the railway line which put off the batsmen. They came back the following year. I thought you’d like to know. Seen anything good? (MRA likes Adele so I’ll give her a go, although I’m really looking forward to the Paraorchestra playing Philip Glass’s “Heroes” Symphony. I’m just so funking pretentious these days but I’m still not ordinary or decent).

  5. I’m thinking of Spider Man now as Adele sings a Bob Dylan song. I’m sure JR just loves it. Adele is weird – she’s a bit like that comedian Sarah Millican, talks as much as she sings and keeps saying fuck and stuff like that. Everything had to stop for someone very ill and she took that in her stride. People were of course watching on big screens, I think the first time I ever saw that was at Bath with Johnny Winter – was that 1970?

  6. Last night Adele had a kid from the audience up on stage, while tonight Coldplay have a kid’s chorus (we’re talking under 10s here). It’s just SO sweet – fortunately I realised quickly that Earth Wind & Fire were on BBC4 at the same time and they just looked really old. I saw very little of Coldplay but apparently they had Barry Gibb on stage and the BBC reports they played together the “greatest song ever” which was “Stayin’ Alive”. OF COURSE – how could I not have guessed? Over the period of the Glastonbury Festival, the whole world has turned into something from Alice’s adventures down under …

  7. I’m still working my way through recordings. Gregory Porter as ever is in fine voice but does anyone know about his head dress? It looks VERY stupid and it can’t feel nice for singing.

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