No, No, No?

There’s a book called Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Bob Stanley which is a history of modern ‘pop’. It’s OK, quite fun, but inside the cover it says

“For fifty years, pop music was created and consumed like this: you heard a record on the radio, or read about it in a music paper; you bought it on Saturday; you lent it to, or taped it for a friend; and they reciprocated with another record. It was a secret network. It was how you made friends, how you met girls and how you soundtracked your world.”

What do you think? Fifty years from its publication in 2013 is 1963. So back then, (the year I started seeing bands live – that’s ‘LIVE’) was that how it was for you? I can understand what he says, but isn’t something missing? He doesn’t once anywhere in there mention anything about seeing music (let alone playing) LIVE

There’s a T-shirt these days that says something like “I May be Old but I Got to See All the Great Bands”. I haven’t seen one that says “… But at Least I Got to Hear All the Great Records”


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Lonnie’s finest hour

Not – “World Cup Willie” – Lonnie Donegan

It’s that day isn’t it? I was always a football fan back then (less bothered now) but I was working, selling the Evening News on Southsea seafront on the day so only listened to it on my ‘trannie’. However, we didn’t start until midday so I went up town in the morning and spent some of my wages on a coat (£8-9s-6d) which I think was a camel reefer jacket and matching tie and pocket handkerchief (30/-) plus Rod Stewart’s new single of “Shake” b/w “I Just Got Some”. Must have all been in Commercial Road but I didn’t note where

The ‘paper sales were helped by the Football Mail that evening and, despite rain, I sold five dozen which was OK even though few people were about in the afternoon.

Meanwhile the Birdcage had reopened in July after a month’s closure but that night was the Lovin’ Kind who I didn’t see (I went to the fair mush) and know nothing about.


Keith Richards

Did you see that film by Julien Temple about Keith’s early years? It uses an interesting soundtrack (not all Stones) but the story ends before the Stones – 1940s/1950s/early 1960s. very well constructed and interesting, built on his memories (which are surprisingly coherent).

It’s on Iplayer