Bye, Bye Buckland


Pete calls it a day

Have a good one Big Fella!




Author: pompeypop

University lecturer, longtime local musician and recently historian of popular music - especially in and around Portsmouth. My blog is entirely about that topic

6 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Buckland

  1. The end of an era, seems a shame to me to stop doing something you enjoy.
    Best wishes for the future Pete

  2. I knew it was just a matter of time before Pete retired from the “game”, he didn’t enjoy doing it anymore and when that starts to happen,it’s time to move on. He’d love to turn the clock back to those Tricorn days when it was glamorous, fun, interesting and you were respected as a DJ. The visiting bands had a nice relationship with Pete because he could hold an evening together, build a crowd up before the act appeared, a skill a lot of people didn’t have, Pete had it in bucket loads !
    As a musician, I always thought it must be a lonely old night for a DJ, he’s at the mercy of the crowd having to play the right music at the right time, handle the more intoxicated (aka “pissed”) audience members without upsetting them, definitely a no no in my book.
    In a band, be it a 4 or 5 piece, at least we can outnumber the “gentleman” or “lady” in question, Mr Dj is out there on his own!
    The early days were good but as you move on, attitudes appear to change. Difficult to put into words but that’s how I see it, be it for the better or worse.
    Anyway, enjoy your retirement from the game Pete, you might just start to get used to knowing you can plan your Saturdays ahead, especially not having to rush home to get the van loaded, unloaded at the other end, fight your way through the awaiting guests to set all that gear up, get changed….bloody hell, perhaps my time’s up as well ??

  3. Well best wishes Pete. I hope you get to contribute more to the blog now that you are a man of leisure. Funny but its only the actual performing that I miss. I don’t miss the load up load in set up and dealing with the punters. I could tell you some stories Rod. At least the drunks over there are not carrying guns. Anyway Pete since we have a finite time above ground its good to spend a little time on some things that you want to do. I don’t believe we ever did a gig with you back in the 60s but we did do some gigs with DJs and we always got on very well and worked as a team. Sad to say over here in the late 70s the DJs became predatory and underbid the bands on jobs especially on Wedding gigs. As Rod said Times and attitudes change and not for he better it seems. Well Enjoy yourself and stay busy on new adventures. All the very best.

  4. Just a couple of times I ‘sort of’ DJ’d in clubs with a band – nothing more than picking obscure tracks and paying NO attention to the punters. But the worst thing I ever did was to MC a Blues Festival in Titchfield Abbey. There was a very strict cut-off date imposed by the council, but when I announced that the headline band were not allowed to play another song I got a torrent of abuse. Some of it was returned but never again!

    Headlines indeed…………….I feel there may be a bit of a peak in the sales of Special Brew in the vicinity of ‘Cross Towers’ in the coming weeks !!!!!
    Best wishes for whatever your future brings mate ,and a big shout out from one of your regular ‘support’ acts (I include all 14 crushed velvet legs)…………we had some great Tricorn turnouts , and ‘kicked some arse’ at those ‘mystery tours’ into the Hampshire countryside for the A B C dance specials……Well done indeed mate Big it up for Buckland on Sea !!!!!!
    I am including bestest wishes from ‘er indoors and all associates of Fortress Freeman ,and we are wondering how long before we see your decks on E Bay..
    Perhaps we might see you doing a Blackburn impression on X Factor…????? or at least popping in to see us at P M E a little more. You are and will always be one of the bricks in the wall………………Enjoy your ‘retirement’ my little Angel


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